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Morality and the Dilemmas of Social Progression
(Published at: WomanScope NewsMagazine)

California’s E-Cig Ban Has A Stale Smell!
(Published at: 1World Online)

Social Progression: Who’s Balancing The Scales?
(Published at: WomanScope NewsMagazine)

How The ‘Rolling Stone’ Cover Should Look!
(Published at 1World Online)

How The News Media Ups The Ante!
(Published at: 1World Online)

The Plan B One-Step Candy Counter
(Published at: WomanScope NewsMagazine)

Are You Too Attractive For Your Job?
(Published at: WomanScope NewsMagazine)

Texas HB2: Sounding The Bugle On Late-Term Abortion
(Published at: WomanScope NewsMagazine)

Does It Come With A Ray Gun?
(Published at: 1WorldOnline)

The Pontius Pilates of Government
(Published at: Lifetimeprint)

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