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Morality and the Dilemmas of Social Progression
By Joseph E Rathjen
Published By: WomanScopeNewsMagazine
July 21, 2013

Whenever I hear the term “Social Progression”, I think about the strip clubs I used to go to (when I was a young man) back in the late 1970’s. It was fun back then, hanging out with my friends, getting drunk and watching hot looking women navigate a strip pole like a well, greased-up cobra in a tall, straw-weaved basket.

Back then, we did not look at it as something immoral – we simply considered it a young man’s expected – rite of passage.

However, today things are different. Questions of morality over current social issues have created a completely new caliber of debates over moral values. With the new same-sex marriage laws, gay Boy Scout leadership roles, and the fights between the ultra-conservative and the leftist-leaning-minded liberal, morality and how society views those issues has taken on a  whole new perspective.

So how does one deal with it on a personal level? Maybe the answer to that question lays with who you are, who you think you are, what church you go to, what political organization you belong to, or maybe even the company you keep.

Let’s look at this more closely…

Suppose you are not gay and do not believe in homosexuality, lesbianism, bisexuality and of course transgendered. In today’s socially progressed climate, this may cause you to be labeled as something resembling that of a prehistoric dinosaur, devoid of any feelings, emotion, and compassion for your fellow-man.

But are you really like that, or simply just a traditional-viewing skeptic, confident enough with your own views and what you’ve been taught who would rather let things stay as they once were, or how you believe God thought they should be?

Now suppose you are gay, bisexual or a transgender, and an avid supporter of the LGBT community, and feel your opponents’ views of sexual, social progression are intruding on your own, God-given right to express yourself in a very free, unbiased environment.

How do you deal with this? Psychiatrists, psychologists, and philosophers have long debated the answers to questions like this one since man developed the ability to reason.

How you try to fit in or try to stay neutral and at the same time keep up your own, steadfast moral status – among a firestorm of never-ending social progression debate – is an issue that you need to address within your own soul and socially minded conscience. There may be, simply, no acceptable right or wrong way.

Giving in to current social change or sticking to traditional ones will only have the same result for both sides of the social-progression platform – unfortunately, it is one that advocates on both sides usually fail to consider when supporting one, which is…

…whatever decision you make…is the one that you will have to live with forever…and so will your children. So choose carefully.

Joseph E Rathjen is a freelance writer and an Opinionated Columnist for WomanScopeNewsMagazine.com

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