America – it is the land of the free and the home of the brave.

It is where a man, a woman or a child can lay their head down on a soft pillow and not be afraid to dream.

It is where dreams become realities and where hopes never fade.

America – is where the scent of hot dogs and apple pie fill the air on a warm summer’s day.

It is where coolers stuffed with beer, soda and ice cream sit beside picnic tables, barbecue pits and backyard pools.

America  – is where the sound of a ball cracking on a bat and the roar of a crowd fills a stadium with a joyous thunder.

It is where the sounds of children playing in a park delights the ears with a playful laughter.

America  – is where people are free to travel and explore and make their home where they seem fit.

It is where the adventurous and the curious travel its lands and marvel at its scenic wonders.

America  – is where all men are free to think, debate and voice their opinion.

It is where no one man can censor or fundamentally change its existence.

America – is where patriots guard its borders from evil outsiders and from terrorists that lie within.

It is where its citizens patriotic resolve can never be thwarted or silenced by evil intent.

America – is where its founding fathers envisioned greatness and democratic values free from tyranny and undue taxation.

It is where all men are free to exercise religious values and pray to a God of their belief.

These are only a few things of why I love America.

The rest of the reasons why I love America beat in my heart and pound with the rhythm of an unstoppable beat.

It is the sound of loyalty, trust and the belief that America will always overcome its weaknesses, prejudices and shortcomings.

In America – no man lies above others, all men are created equal and no man can ever oppress one or a part thereof.

America – it will surely rise and fall, but it will always stand up again and become victorious.

It will let no man threaten its Independence, and let no man weaken its spirit.

Again, on this 4th of July, the American Eagle soars in the skies above.

May the eagle soar forever, and may it bravely guard over America’s lands and its shores.

Joseph E. Rathjen is a freelance writer and an Opinion Writer at 1World Online – America’s Fastest Growing Social Research Engine.

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