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The “word police” are at it again, and this time it is not a racial or ethnic slur they are complaining about – it is an adjective used to describe an immigrant’s legal status. Yes, that’s right, and it is so insane that it may even become known as an underlying, legal precedent to how we define the word “illegal.”

Liberal commentator, extraordinaire, Sally Kohn, said in a CNN column, she wrote on July 4th, 2014, that the term, “illegal immigrant” is derogatory and dehumanizing. She also said that it is the same as using the word, “n*gger,” in a defamatory fashion.


Sally Kohn believes that we should not be referring to border jumpers as illegal immigrants, but instead we should respectfully call them “undocumented immigrants.” She also says that social pressure should be applied to news organizations and the entire population in general so everyone stops using the term.

So, in essence, Sally Kohn has anointed herself as the almighty proprietor for the use of the adjective “illegal.” She has even gone so far as to convince the Associated Press, USA Today, the Los Angeles Times and other news outlets from using the word.

Other news organizations like the New York Times and the Washington Post are still dodging Kohn, but inevitably she will whip them into “adjective submission” also.

It is mind-boggling, even today, that one person can get such an odd, idea into their head, and then get all the powerful news organizations to bow down to them in fear.

Is Sally Kohn the new Commissioner of the Word Police? Is she the newly crowned queen and gatekeeper of improperly used adjectives?

The politically correct crap in this country is so far out of control that now even an adjective is not safe from progressive liberal, word stalkers.

The term illegal immigrant refers to a person who has come into, and is residing in America illegally. It is not a defamatory, racial, ethnic or bigoted, slur as some people want us to believe.

By changing the name to “undocumented,” it could questionably change the legal status of an illegal immigrant, which obviously is what some progressive liberals are purposely trying to accomplish.

You have to understand the way their mind thinks. They believe that if we change the term to “undocumented immigrant,” then there can be no reference at all to their legal or illegal status. They would simply be considered undocumented, which is the same as saying there is no paper or digital records for them.

So how can they be called illegal? How can they be tried in a court of law? How can they be sent back to their country? How can they be given amnesty? Why do they need amnesty? Is there a crime against being undocumented? We can simply document them and send them on their way.

Sounds clever, right?

No matter how pro-immigration, reformers try to spin it, someone who crosses the border illegally is still an illegal immigrant – plain and simple. Since there is no racial or ethnic bias in the word illegal, there is nothing wrong with using the adjective to describe someone who has no proper, legal status in our country.

It is a political ploy, and propaganda, strategy tool to speed up and force immigration reform down our throats. It is also another asinine and totally ridiculous form of political correctness.

The next time you have to appear in traffic court for driving with no license, tell the judge that you are not an illegal driver because you have no driver’s license, but instead, tell him that you are an undocumented driver.

See how far that gets your fine or jail sentence reduced.



Joseph E. Rathjen is a freelance writer and an Opinion Writer at 1World Online – America’s Fastest Growing Social Research Engine.

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4 thoughts on “The Insane Banning Of The Term “Illegal Immigrant.”

  1. *snorting* —- okay, I’m not an American, and I’m more of a Liberal minded person in my political views —- but this aside —- “insanity” is clearly — well, insanity. One does not call a fork a spoon, as it were.

    Joe, I LOVE your summary paragraph …. it had me rolling around in stitches. Gives a whole new thought/idea process to “tell it to the judge.”

    Well written piece!

      • It truly is fascinating — and I wonder, is it so easy to do so, now, more than ever, because we have become so out of touch with the meaning of words, as definitions, as well as the power of them? We’re so busy running about at lightning speed, bombarded with all kinds of info, most of it incomplete, that it’s so easy for those who have agendas to take advantage, a spin so fast and hard, that most people don’t even notice, or question?

        Tremendously fascinating – and frightening.

        Keep up the intelligent and thought provoking pieces – we could all use so “brain boosters”.

  2. agree with you the politcal correctness police are insane!
    as for the drivers license, there is actually NOTHING that says you need one if you are not using a vehicle in COMMERCE.
    If you KNOW the law, you should be able to convince a judge to let you go if it ever gets that far. Problem is, most judges are corrupt as the cops that drug you in on that charge!

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