In politics, once a delusional despot gets a fanatical idea into its head, the faithful sheep begin to follow. It does not matter if the idea is based solely in partisanship or rhetorical, demagoguery. Once the seed of despair is planted, the tree of woe quickly begins to flourish.

Such is the Democratic Party’s imaginary and relentless “war on women” campaign that has been created to sway female voters away from the conservative right for the midterm, elections.

The current “WOW” campaign became heated to a feverish pitch this week after the Supreme Court ruled in favor of Hobby Lobby and the Freedom of Religion Act. The newly proclaimed, defenders of women’s rights warriors quickly made public their outrage.

Ex Star Trek actor and liberal-activist extraordinaire, George Takei, called the Supreme Court’s decision,  “A stunning setback for women’s reproductive rights.”

Seth Rogen, on his Twitter account, wrote, “The people at Hobby Lobby are a**holes and those who voted to let them be a**holes are also a**holes,” referring, of course, to the 5 Supreme Court Justices who made up the majority ruling.

How quickly the Hollywood élite of liberal, la la land have turned on the very Supreme Court that has handed them so many progressively liberal victories.

To hear democrats blast the Supreme Court’s decision, it is almost as if they are saying that women’s rights have been set back a hundred years, when women were not allowed to smoke, and their caveman husbands ruled over them with an iron fist.

“Tend to the cave fire, woman, and fetch me the mead.”

How dare they.

As Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid, tweeted this week, “It’s time that five men on the Supreme Court stop deciding on what happens to women.”

Majority Leader, Harry Reid, obviously feels that the Supreme Court only gets to decide what happens to the male species of America. How considerate of Harry Reid. None of us realized he had taken up the feminist-activism role as the new Gloria Steinem of the Democratic Party.

The progressive left’s ‘war on women’ campaign began to rear its ugly head earlier this year. It began with the complaint that many women are passed over for promotion in the workplace in favor of men, and that they are paid significantly less.

That claim might be hard to comprehend when women see someone like General Motors, CEO, Mary Barra, handed the keys to the company’s helm. It also becomes harder to swallow when most women agree that they now enjoy more freedom and civil rights than they ever have in this country’s history.

The progressive left’s brainchild, however, convinced them that if you tell women across America that the Republican Party and the conservative establishment is trying to diminish women’s rights, that the women of America will revolt and vote only for democratic candidates in the upcoming, Fall elections.

President Obama happily sprinkled “Miracle Grow” on that seed when he signed an Executive Order and a Presidential Memorandum on April 8th, 2014, protecting federal contract workers from retaliation for objecting to salary inconsistencies.

A good law, but one whose ulterior motive was to cause dissension upon the working, female population.

It was also an idea that had miraculously come to Obama as soon as he realized that the Democratic Party was in serious trouble for the midterm elections.

Obama once again showed us how clever he is by reaching into his magic bag of tricks and instigating a brainwashing storm. Another vote-bribery tactic desperately set into motion by the progressive left’s, deceitful, propaganda machine.

Does President Obama and the Democratic Party think that the women of America are that naïve, and are going to fall for such an outlandish and preposterous notion?

It is almost like convincing an entire nation that if they like their healthcare policy – they can keep their healthcare policy.

“You are oppressed women, and we are your saviors. Vote for us and we’ll set you free!”

The progressive left now wants every woman in America to believe that the struggle for women’s rights has been setback tenfold.

Will an after morning pill restriction at one company have that much of a national effect? Will it cause the rights of every woman in America to fall back into a demeaning, oppression like hapless, dominoes?

Will it stop any 13-year-old teenager who can ride her bicycle to a Walmart pharmacy and buy a Plan B birth control pill without a prescription?

I often wonder who it is the Democratic Party is trying to sway here. It seems to be a small part of the female population who may have no clue or understanding about how far women’s rights have progressed over the past 50 years.

It is ironic how some politicians complain that the Supreme Court is taking away a woman’s right to manage her own healthcare – when those very same politicians voted for a healthcare law that took away a woman’s right to choose whether she needs to purchase a government healthcare policy or not.

That’s the decision that actually penalizes women, and at the expense of 10 percent of their gross annual income – if they make a decision that the government does not harbor.

“President Obama believes that women should make personal health care decisions for themselves rather than their bosses deciding for them.” Obama’s new press secretary, Josh Earnest, said on Monday.

Really? So then why does President Obama feel that the government is allowed to make healthcare decisions for all women?

The federal government and the progressive left does not like it when they get ruled against by the very same judges that have sided with them in the past, and given them victories on crucial issues as abortion rights, and gay marriage.

“How dare they,” the Democratic Party bellows. “The Supreme Court is on the wrong side of history.”

Oh well, that’s how the political cookie crumbles – sometimes it rules for you, and sometimes it rules against you.

The Democratic Party needs to learn that the Supreme Court is not a one-sided, law-making machine that exists only for passing the laws that they want to be approved. They need to learn to take the wins with the losses.

It is about time the Supreme Court finally put the Democratic Party and President Obama on notice.

The progressive left’s, pity-party and its ‘war on women campaign’ will surely heat up in the next 4 months leading up to the midterm, elections.

They will be telling us all how the result of the November elections will be the deciding factor in whether women in America get to keep the reproductive rights they have fought so valiantly for in the past.

Although the Supreme Court’s decision has sent a message about the rights of religious groups, it may have also been designed to send a clear message to President Obama and the Democratic Party itself.

A message which says, “Careful guys, you can only step on so many people’s toes at once…before you get stepped on yourself.”

Not that we expect the Democratic Party to heed that message.

After all, what dog will give up begging for a bone that it has incessantly begged for so many times before?



Joseph E. Rathjen is a freelance writer and an Opinion Writer at 1World Online – America’s Fastest Growing Research Engine.

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