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Sometimes it is hard to say “I told you so” but this is not one of those times. In my last article about the Syrian-chemical-weapons crisis, “Syria, and the Desensitizing of America, I wrote about how Syria was most likely hiding or moving most of their chemical weapons stockpile. In Washington, D.C., this possibility fell on deaf ears, and gave Bashar al-Assad plenty of time to draft a logistical blueprint to orchestrate a chemical weapons vanishing act. As a result, Syria is now saying to President Obama: “Let’s play hide and go seek!”

The reports for the last two days about Syrian military transports moving chemical weapons comes as no surprise. What did the Obama Administration think Syria was going to do…give the United States the keys to the world’s largest Sarin gas reserve? This is so comical that it’s like me playing hide and go seek with my grandchildren after I’ve already hidden or moved all the Oreo cookies.

Yesterday, Syria abided by their end of the deal to present to The Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) an initial list of all their chemical weapons stockpiles. Authorities are already hailing this as a major step forward towards the complete elimination of all of Syria’s chemical weapons.

I say it is just a list, and nothing more. It is not a guarantee that Syria plans to give up all of its WMD’s and no promise that it will not manufacture more in the future. What it does do, however, is tie President Obama’s hands in forever launching any kind of military attack against the Syrian regime. It also strengthens Russia’s status as a global, intermediate peacemaker. Score one for the Russians and wanna-be, Washington Post Columnist, Vladimir Putin.

It was amusing how some United States intelligence officials were quoted as saying that they were “skeptical” of why Syria was moving so much of its chemical weapons around. I think if I was to ask my six-year-old grandson that question, he would giggle and look at me like I am a stupid, old man. You would assume with all the “think tanks” at Washington’s disposal that someone would have thought of this possibility long before a deal was ever negotiated.

It is interesting, though, how this golden-laced list carries so much weight, considering the fact that it will take two to three more months just to decide how long it will take to eliminate all of Syria’s chemical weapons. That is a long time for Assad to bury, in the Syrian sand, all the chemical stockpiles he probably did not include on the list. It also gives Putin more time to think up clever ways to help Syria defeat the rebels and make a mockery of the United States political resolve.

When is the Obama Administration going to wake up and realize that Assad and Putin have made us look like another North Korea? Threatening to use missile attacks for weeks while other countries dance around our political, saber-rattling and remove us from the equation, will only make our next attempt to correct humanitarian injustices futile in nature.

There is an old saying in the music industry, which is: “You’re only as good as your last record.” Our record on this one has made us appear as a weak and incompetent nation that has lost the muscle and determination to get the job done.


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Joseph E Rathjen is a Columnist/Staff Writer at: WomanScope NewsMagazine and an Opinion writer at 1WorldOnline.

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