Holloway Party Damage

Holloway Party Damage



Social Chaos is all around us and it cannot be stopped! Just when you think you have seen it all, something new comes along and leaves us all outraged and disgusted. The Brian Holloway, “open house”, drug-infested, teenage party at Holloway’s home is a classic example. It is a testimony to the corruption of the younger generation and the destruction of their upbringing. It is also a direct result of the deterioration of society in general.

It is amazing how some of the parents of the 220 plus kids who broke into Holloway’s home, for a 3-day party, are threatening to sue Holloway for posting the names of their kids on the Internet. These are the same kids who posted photos on Twitter of the alcohol, meth, crack and heroin-infested party they were a part of, for 3-days, after breaking into Holloway’s home. Saying that it will ruin their kids’ chances for a college career is laughable. It is also a testament to the lousy job they did in raising their children.

As parents, we all do our best to raise our kids and teach them staunch morals and values. We all realize, however, there may come those times when they run astray of what we have taught them. But is covering up for them and attacking the very person they have victimized an honorable way of protecting them and good parenting skills? I think not, and it just goes to show how society is corrupting the very people who are expected to protect it and teach our young.

When Holloway re-posted the photos on his website site called HelpMeSave300.com, he was trying not only to identify the kids, but also to help them. His invitation for them to come to his home and help repair and clean it up, was a magnificent display of human kindness and forgiveness. Unfortunately, all he got back in return was a threat of lawsuits.

Do the parents of these teenagers think that Holloway is a multi-millionaire who should finance their kids’ college educations and buy them fancy, new cars for the despicable acts they are responsible for?  Do they think that urinating on his carpets, breaking all his windows and leaving graffiti-scarred walls should be rewarded? Obviously they do, and maybe that’s a good reason Holloway re-posted those photos – because it seems like that is the only way these kids can be held accountable. Restitution for defamation and character assault is reserved only for those who deserve it. These kids do not deserve it.

The sheriff, the prosecutor and the court system of Stephentown, N.Y., probably are not very happy that they have to figure out what to do with these 200 plus kids. Surely there will be a lot of plea-bargaining and misdemeanors handed out to alleviate the paperwork and court procedures. Some of the kids will probably go on the chopping block and become sacrificial lambs to uphold the integrity of the justice system and preserve the town’s reputation. In the end though, the damage has already been done; lots of those kids futures will be ruined and the families will be left to try to repair a tarnished, family image.

Holloway said this week, “And how do you intimidate me…I’ve lined up against Lawrence Taylor!”  We don’t know…but was Lawrence Taylor at that party?

© Joseph E Rathjen – All Rights Reserved – 2013

Joseph E Rathjen is a Columnist/ Staff Writer at: WomanScope NewsMagazine and an opinion writer at: 1WorldOnline.


One thought on “Holloway Party: Social Chaos Gone Wild!

  1. Incidents like these make me wonder what is going on in the minds of people … especially the parents of those kids. It’s *okay* for the kids to do what they did and then showcase it via mass media?!

    It’s a sad state of affairs when a parent can no longer step back and realize the gravity of the consequences of their children’s actions – and still choose to protect them. Choices and decisions – however stupid they may be have consequences. it’s up to the kids to realize and learn that they are responsible.

    Threatening the victim does nothing to rectify the situation nor does it teach those who committed the crime anything about responsibility. Do these parents NOT realize that the future and their future lies in the hands of their children?

    Everyone makes mistakes – and some times it can negatively impact one’s future – but that is no reason to try to sweep it all under the rug by blaming the victim.


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