(For The Daily Prompt: StandStill)
By Joseph E. Rathjen

The term and belief that “it’s too late” is so widespread and accepted today that it has become society’s convenient excuse to do nothing or to abandon our long-passionate goals. When we view time as an obstacle or a deadline to achieve the unimaginable we only cheat ourselves and those who could benefit from our achievements. So, if you could stop time, even for a moment, an hour or a day, and have that time to do something useful what would you do with that valuable time? Would you use it to help others, do something substantial for society or just waste it away by doing something radical and selfish?

Here are a few things that I would do (or one of them) if I could stop time and do something useful with it:

• End World Hunger: Too many people are starving today and there is no acceptable logic for it. If we strived to conquer our economic restraints no one would have to go hungry.

• Eradicate Racism: Racism has far too long been a festering germ on society. Maybe we would all be better off if we all suddenly turned the same color.

End World Conflict and Eliminate Dictators Who Impose Evil Ideologies: Too many world leaders today think they have the power and the right to influence the world by using religion or fear as a tool or a weapon.

Promote Tolerance and Education For The Things We Do Not Understand: The world changes and sometimes we have to learn to change with it or learn how to compromise with it.

Force Everyone To Spend More Time With Our Children: Cyberspace and its search engines have become the substitute for teaching our children and giving them one-on-one emotional stability and values that only a parent can supply.

When you look at time as a number on the clock or a day on the calendar, you limit the human potential for what it can accomplish. Of course, there are those exceptions where time constraints have to be adhered to, like in business or other time-sensitive settings. But if you look at time as something that holds no boundaries, you can relinquish the fear, resentments and uncertainty that time sometimes holds on you.

As the saying goes, “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself,”  we can also say, “The only thing we have to fear about time…is if we let time run out.”

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