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It is never easy to admit when you’ve done something wrong. It is even harder to admit to guilt when all the evidence is in and you are very close to getting caught. But when your name is Tom Brady and you are an NFL golden boy, and the husband of a famous, fashion model, it is almost impossible to look at the TV cameras and humble yourself.

But that’s what Tom Brady needs to do. He needs to redeem himself and come clean about his own or anyone else’s involvement in ‘deflategate.’

“I’m sorry; I screwed up. I made a bad judgment call. It wasn’t fair to my team or the fans. I promise…I will never do it again. Please forgive me.”

Is that so hard?

Everyone knows the truth. The NFL knows it, Bill Belichick knows it, the public knows it, and the Patriot’s equipment handlers know who’s responsible for sure. But the one guy who handles the footballs more than anyone else swears he knows nothing about how 11 out of 12 game balls mysteriously farted away 2-psi, ten minutes before an NFL Championship game.

“I never felt the difference,” Brady said.

Hogwash – that’s like telling a traffic court judge that although you were pulled over for speeding there is no way that your foot was pushing down the gas pedal to the floor.

“My foot would have felt the difference, your honor.”

Objection, anyone?

Tom Brady doesn’t seem to realize that there is more at stake here than admitting guilt. The reputation of his entire career, the integrity of the NFL, the Patriot’s image and the public’s perception of professional athletes is sadly, and once again, on the line.

What’s also important, and very crucial, is that Brady realize that because of his quarterbacking brilliance, that the public has no choice but to hold him to a higher standard.

And that means no cheating – ever, and when you do – fess up.

But Brady is only human, right? Everyone makes mistakes, even superstar quarterbacks like Tom Brady. Sometimes they cheat, get caught, pay fines and, hopefully, learn not to do it again.

And apologize.

But Tom Brady and Bill Belichick had cheated before, got caught and obviously did not learn their lesson and now may have, allegedly, cheated again.

It’s only a minor infraction; many Patriot fans are saying…what’s the big deal?

The big deal is whether you won or lost the game doesn’t matter. Who played better than who also doesn’t matter when an accusation of cheating is leveled against the winner.

Sadly, the cheating overshadows and becomes more relevant than the final score.

In professional sports like the NFL, the slightest, cheating edge can easily become the winning edge. There is no such thing as a minor cheat, especially when a championship game is on the line.

Most likely, ‘Deflategate’ will be on the minds of the entire media, the fans’ minds and especially Tom Brady’s mind for every second and every hour of the days leading up to Super Bowl Sunday. And then, it will become even more of a distraction or guilt to deal with after the game is over – no matter who wins or loses.

Let’s hope, for Tom Brady’s sake, and the NFL, that it doesn’t become ‘the monkey on his back’ that never lets go.

Tom Brady needs to come clean, tell us what he knows, and start throwing us all an honest game ball.


Joseph E. Rathjen is a freelance writer and an Opinion Writer at 1World Online – America’s fastest growing social research engine.



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