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In 1991, a Runnymeade Trust Report published the following definition of “Islamophobia.”


“The dislike or prejudice against Islam or Muslims, especially as a political force.”

Runnymeade is a British think tank which was founded to overcome and educate the British public about racial inequality. It is an honorable organization, but one, which sadly, has failed to foresee the barbaric rise of radical, Islamic extremism.

And there is a lot of radical, Islamic extremism in the world today. All one needs to do to find it is to pick up a newspaper, click on a daily news program or go online. The presence of it is undeniable and one which the world cannot afford to ignore anymore.

The assassins of Charlie Hebdo, the soldiers of Boko Haram, Al Qaeda, the Boston Bombers and of course the largest and most powerful, Islamic, jihadist army of them all – ISIS have gravitated to a monstrous and destructive force hellbent on forcing the teachings of the prophet Mohammed on us all.

To deny that radical, Islamic extremism does not exist or is growing at a furious pace is to be blind and wrought with denial. It would also be illogical to assess that most of the 1.6 billion Muslims in the world today are a peaceful community and one that does not support any form of Islamic aggression.

The purveyors of Islamophobia would like us to believe that we are all bigots and are unfairly condemning an entire religion for the murderous acts of a few terrorists. Each time there is a new terror attack in the name of Mohammed or Allah, they rise above the bloody corpses and defend Islam as being a peaceful nation and one from which we have nothing to fear.


That sounds eerily familiar – like the rise of Adolf Hitler in Nazi Germany. Has the world forgotten how the violent few of an entire country rose to become the most heinous killing machine in the history of civilization?

The people who push the Islamophobia narrative need to stop spending all their time defending peaceful Islam and exert more effort in condemning and stopping the violence.

While Christianity and the other world’s religions have long ago abandoned acts of violence in the name of religion, Islam continues to use the sword to force its barbaric ideologies upon the world.

The peaceful Muslim community has a duty and a moral obligation to rise and stop the violent aggression that is being done in the name of Islam. They need to stop whining about how they are misunderstood and being prejudiced against while the bodies of thousands of innocent people are piling up.

Ironically, many of those butchered, bodies are Muslims also, but yet the peaceful Muslims do nothing. Why is that? Maybe because sometimes it is easier to cower in fear than admit that evil and violence has become the predominant force of an entire religion.

It is sad and cowardly that the leader of the free world himself, Barack Obama refuses to admit that radical Islam exists. Where is that “sweetest sound” that he so famously declared to be so appealing to his ears?

It is a sound that is now being drowned out by the blood-curdling screams of the raped, beheaded and the oppressed, and all in the name of Allah.

The pacifists and the apologists need to stop jamming cries of Islamic racism down our throats and open their eyes to the true racism and genocide that is being executed on a daily basis.

Although the majority of Muslims are peaceful, not all of them are – this past Friday thousands of so-called peaceful Muslims marched in the streets of Pakistan, Jordan and Turkey chanting “Death to America…Death to Israel and Jihad, Jihad.”

Of course, you won’t see those videos on most of the mainstream news programs but you can see them here.

Political correctness has gone too far. When we start using it to censor the voices of those condemning acts of violence, it becomes a weapon of enablement for murder. Are we going to let political correctness be used as a scale to outweigh and balance out the acts of evil for the accommodations of those who remain silent?

Tolerance is a virtue. It is not something that should be used to hide and dilute the horrors of society and the evil acts of those who mingle among the righteous.

Islamophobia should be left to where it is most needed – not on a bloody battlefield where thousands of innocent people continue to die in the name of one religion.

4 thoughts on “How “Islamophobia” Hides And Shields Islamic Extremism

  1. I had never seen the Muslim extremists compared to Hitler’s deadly regime. You’re right, and indeed, no more hiding behind the tolerating. It could not be more wrong.

    • You’re right, Relax, it could not be more wrong. It is also the most ignorant and self-destructive form of appeasement I’ve ever seen in my entire life. The world is about to change and suffer its darkest hour if Islamism (radical) is not stopped immediately.

  2. very well written and well stated. I think this is something more people need to understand. And i agree, comparing islamic extremism to Hitler is really interesting; I’ve never heard that before but its an insightful idea!

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