This blog is about politics and social chaos, and all the other wacky things that go along with it. In this blog I’ll be discussing and commentating on the serious, weird and sometimes comical aspects of society and all the crazy people in it. Sometimes it may offend you, make you laugh, make you love me or make you send me hate mail. But one thing you can be sure of…I hold no prejudice – I will be making fun of everyone. I’m an equal opportunity commentator. I believe everybody deserves the chance to have their fifteen-minutes of fame.

Now with that out of the way, here’s all that other nerdy stuff about me. Enjoy my blog!

 I’m a freelance writer, book author and an Opinion Columnist and Staff Writer at:

WomanScope News Magazine 
 1 WorldOnline.

Current Member: National Society of Newspaper Columnists

I love writing op-eds and magazine articles and blog posts on all topics, but especially on politics and social chaos…that is if I’m not getting beat up by one of my grandchildren!  I also like to go boating, fishing, hunting and walking in the woods near my home and sometimes run into an occasional bear in the morning and try to beat him down a hill.  I love living in the country, not only is it peaceful and serene but it keeps my creative juices flowing, and reminds me that we’re all still here at the mercy of Mother Nature.  So please – help keep the environment clean!

I started writing in the late nineties when I had my three-books published (below). At that time I owned and operated a security business in Queens, NYC where the idea for the three books below gave birth. Writing is my main passion now, of which I strive to continue to expand in all areas of the writing and publishing world.

 3 career-trade books:

Locksmithing: From Apprentice To Master”
published by McGraw-Hill Publishing Co. (TAB-Books),

“Modern Alarm Study and Installation”  by The L.P.C. Publishing Company

“Manipulation Simplified” also by The L.P.C. Publishing Company

If there’s anything you’d like to discuss with me, ask me or suggest to me about my blog or yours, just fill out the form below and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible. I love to chat with all my “Followers” and friends.

Joseph E Rathjen

25 thoughts on “About

  1. Politics, I’m not a big fan of politics or maybe the way the media present the political issues. Even though, I’m looking forward to read your articles and give you a second opinion. Thanks for following my blog, I hope you like my humble writings. Have a good day. 🙂

    • Hi bur911 and thanks for the follow. You’re right, the news media can be very suppressing, dull or downright discriminating the way it presents politics or any news for that matter. They leave out this, omit that and spin it any way they want. That’s the biggest reason why people are so turned off by politics – which is sad because it can have a direct effect on how we live our daily lives. Look for my new column soon that will cover the latest happenings in the world of politics and social happenings with a new twist!

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I’m glad you liked my post on Food for the Soul. I also love politics. I’m enjoying looking around your site. 😉 I think you have a great sense of humor! Nice that you can interest people in political things that way.

    • Thanks Capt Jill. I love mixing politics with humor. It makes the boring (but important) a little more bearable and easier to soak in. Sometime in the next few months my new column will be launched that will be mixing politics and pop culture with a zany, comical outlook. See you soon…

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  4. Big time writer like you following lil’ ol’ raroto with her silly ramblings… Phenomenal!
    Frankly I don’t care much about politics and politicians. The ones we have currently in my homeland (Malaysia) are uninspiring at best and a disgrace at worst, on both sides of the fence! That doesnt leave much for the ordinary citizens to leverage on, is there?! Heh.
    Ah well, I’m just being biased and wary of politicians, as usual. So far, and thankfully, the country’s not heading towards bankcruptcy or a civil war, so I’m happy to leave them be.
    Hm. I’m rambling. Way too much. LOL!
    Where was I? Ah yes, a big thank you for the follow, Joseph (may I call you that?), and because your pov on america’s politics is an independent one, I think I’ll follow you too; then maybe I can borrow one or two ideas from you to educate those NATO – no action talk only – seat warmers in Parliament. Be seeing ya 🙂

    • Thanks raroto. Big-time writer – hardly. I basically do this for fun, although I do make some money here and there. NATO – now there’s a contradiction in terms! Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

    • Wow, litadoolan…that is simply awesome! This is the very first award I’ve been given since joining WordPress and to get it from you is what makes it even more awesome. I will proudly display it on my new “Awards” Page and write a post about it – and to show it off of course! And I will graciously award it to ten of my fellow bloggers in turn. As soon as I get this shoveling out of the way!

      Thanks Again, litadoolan and everyone else!

      • That’s terrific Joseph! Bravo on your blog. I’m sure the award will look awesome there. Well deserved! I hope you enjoy. I love my visits to your site, there is always something new to discover and engage with. You have a great dry humour in your writing. Here’s to lots more blogging 🙂

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