Atheist Skip Church Billboard


Published By: 1World Online

It’s that special time of year again when the group “American Atheists” begins its lowdown and dirty war on Christmas. This year is no different and to show how creatively obnoxious they are they have plastered offensive billboards on highways and residential areas that depict a young girl telling Santa Claus,  “All I want for Christmas is to SKIP CHURCH! I’m too old for fairy tales.”

As if last year’s Time Square’s billboard telling us to take the “Christ” out of the word Christmas wasn’t radical enough. No, this year the group has decided to use little children who are excited about Christmas as psychological weapons.

Should we be surprised?

Why not use the most exciting holiday for a child to spread their political, anti-religious and bigoted message? Why not use the little kiddies themselves as pawns?

This new tactic is the most radical, vile and shameless strategy ever used by an atheist group. It is a slap in the face to parents everywhere and a direct, psychological assault on our children.

Does the American Atheists group think that children riding in the backseat of cars will not see these billboards? Of course, they will and that is exactly what the group intends for them to see. They want all the little kiddies to start nagging their moms and dads about why they have to go to church on Christmas day.

“It’s all a fairy tale anyway, isn’t it, Mom?”

“Bah Humbug!”

It’s disturbing that a political group would resort to such a desperate and mean-spirited campaign. It’s like stealing the baby Jesus doll from the Nativity scene off  your neighbor’s, front lawn. It’s also like mugging the Easter Bunny as he hops along the bunny trail.

There are no rules for the American Atheists though – hit them hard and hit them low. If they can convince little children everywhere that there really was no baby Jesus, then all will be well with the world.

Daniel Muscato, who is the public relations director for the group, says the billboards are intended to convince “in-the-closet atheists” to come out of the closet and be themselves. That may be all well and good for adults, but then why is the group using a letter to Santa Claus from a little child to spread that suggestion?

Sorry, Daniel, we’re not buying that excuse. It’s obvious from the billboard itself that your message is directed towards children. One would have to be a blind elf to read it any other way.

And here’s the proof: David Silverman, who is the group’s president, said, “Even children know churches spew absurdity, which is why they don’t want to attend services.” So, in essence, David Silverman fancies himself as the savior of our mentally oppressed children.

It’s ironic though that Silverman and his group are using Santa Claus to convince little children that God doesn’t exist.

Isn’t the story of Santa Claus a sort of “fairy tale” in itself?

Here’s a suggestion for the American Atheists group: You can put up all the billboards you want demeaning the true meaning of Christmas. We, as adults can handle it and laugh at the billboards for the bigoted and intolerant, propaganda they spew.

And we can also tell our children that you are all a bunch of mean, Ebenezer Scrooges who like to make little children cry on Christmas day.




Joseph E. Rathjen is a freelance writer and an Opinion Writer at 1World Online – America’s Fastest Growing Social Research Engine.

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