full moon
The Full Moon And The Call Of The Wild!

It happens every time there is a full moon, and it cannot be stopped. Participants of social chaos come out into the mystical-filled night and spread through the brightly lit forests of civilization like zombies and werewolves on a murderous rampage. They infiltrate emergency rooms in hospitals and holding cells in police stations and jails. They growl and foam at the mouth on top of counters at Burger King and McDonald’s restaurants and 7-Eleven stores. They pace endlessly in homes due to a lack of sleep and scour the aisles of the local Walmart at midnight.

Some of them even hang out in bars, and by the banks of rivers and lakes. Some stare up at the moon as if they’ve never seen it before, and act as if it is their long-lost lunar mother calling them to her bosom – watching and waiting for the “call of the wild” to howl their name.

It is called social chaos, and it loves the full moon.

Even though some people would rather not be a part of it they can not help themselves. Something rises up inside of them, and when it does, it only seems reasonable that they go out and spread some mayhem on the planet.

Lots of people do it during a full moon. Politicians do it, people driving on highways in cars do it with road rage, husbands and wives who hate each other fight, and little kids who are pissed off at their school teachers all use the full moon to extract their revenge.

It rises up inside all of us during the full moon, and it can never be stopped and is a scary but indelible part of us.

Countless studies show that there is no direct correlation to the full moon and events that occur on earth during one, but that is stupid because we know better. The human body consists of seventy-five percent water, and so as the tides rise in the ocean so does the fluids inside us. Depending on whether your body is hydrated or not during the full moon the results can vary.

Bet you never thought of that one or did you?

Statistics show that the only direct effect during the full moon is an increased level of energy in the human body. This makes us stay up later and go outside into the night more than we usually would. When there are more people up and about during the later evening hours, bad things are bound to happen.

Statistics show that the full moon also makes dogs and cats injure themselves more, proving that, obviously, during a full moon animals become more clumsy. Therefore, it may not be a good idea to take your dog for a walk in the woods on a full, moonlit night or let your cat go outside and wander.

According to studies, during the full moon people become excited sexually. That may explain why conception during full moon cycles rise, and both husbands and wives are suddenly aroused by one another.

Whatever the scientific explanations are, though, you can surely count on one thing – that when a full moon rises so does social chaos!

© Joseph E Rathjen – All Rights Reserved – 2013



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