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Hollywood’s casting couches are in serious trouble and so are the politicians who took Harvey Weinstein’s money.

Dirty money, from a dirty, perverted man who used his power and influence to lure aspiring actresses to his hotel rooms and blackmail them to massage him and pay him off with sex.

How vile, and decrepit.

But is this anything new?

The casting couch is not a fable. It’s the way Hollywood’s biggest power brokers have been doing business for decades.

They take the innocent and the hopeful and turn them into sex slaves to satisfy their own, seedy desires.

And then they get actresses like Meryl Streep to go on award shows and preach morality and know nothing.

Not a clue.

Guns? Sexual diversity, economic injustice, racial oppression and that scary thing called conservatism?

But then movie moguls like Harvey Weinstein make movies that promote gun violence and sex for profit, hostility, and death. The ticket receipts at the box office were Harvey’s bottom line. And the itemizations show no ratings for his concern for morality.

What a farce. What hypocrisy. And the powers that be in Hollywood covered it up for years.

And the politicians like Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama kept taking Harvey’s money. And while they were, their ears fell deaf to the alarms and complaints about Harvey Weinstein.

Oh, it’s just some dumb actress who is pissed off she didn’t get the part. Harvey’s a good guy and I would even let my daughter go intern for him like Barack Obama did.

Ouch! I would have loved to be a fly on the wall when Obama asked his daughter if Harvey ever made sexual advances to her.

It’s time for Hollywood to clean up its act. Women and men who are seeking employment in Hollywood should not have to become sex slaves to the casting couch.

Sexual abuse is not a joke no matter what profession a man or woman is in. And they should never have to sacrifice their pride and morality for a dirtbag like Harvey Weinstein.

Artists should be hired for their talent, not who they slept with.

Are you listening, Hollywood?


Joseph Rathjen is a book author, freelance writer and a member of the “National Society of Newspaper Columnists.”


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