Natural disasters like hurricanes, tornados, floods, and earthquakes are notorious for exposing the flaws, fears, and idiocies of the human conditioning. Like a broken clock that is right twice a day, you can bet that hurricanes like Harvey and Irma that devastated Texas and Florida, triggers the best and worst humanity has to offer.

You can wage on it with your last, desperate, bottom dollar.

The truth is, some people can’t help dealing with or talking about a natural disaster without making fools out of themselves and projecting their own personal, political, economic and social biases. It’s not the disaster victims’ welfare that is important to them. Instead, it’s their own hate, prejudice, finger-pointing and insensitive, tunnel vision that immediately takes center stage.

Take, for instance, the mainstream media’s outrage (like CNN) over Melania Trump’s wearing of stiletto high heels when she went to Texas with the president to view the horrific, flood damage.

It didn’t matter to the mainstream media that she wore high heels while boarding Air Force One, then changed to sneakers before landing in Texas. What mattered most was that her high heels weren’t left behind on dry land or donated to the Smithsonian Institute in the category for politically-incorrect, hurricane footwear.

I personally always change my footwear after a hurricane strike on the other side of the country.

Don’t you? No? How insensitive.

And then we have the looters and the price-gougers. Like cockroaches crawling out from behind water-soaked baseboards, they smell and hear greedy and opportunistic ching-chinging in their ears.

Ten dollars for a bottle of water and six-dollars for a gallon of gas? They should be thrown behind jail bars and left with no water for 10-days so they can experience real, physical thirst in a bargain basement, environment.

And let’s not forget the climate-change, enthusiasts. According to them, Hurricane Harvey was caused by our own failures to control the outcome of future weather patterns.

Guess what guys, hurricanes have been around for centuries and they always will be no matter how much we try to minimize our carbon footprint.

Doesn’t the Bible even mention natural disasters like hurricanes and floods that occurred centuries ago and way before the climate change advocates came along, and Leonardo DiCaprio forgot about how his humongous, yacht saturates the atmosphere with carbon emissions?

Professionally, no one takes more advantage of natural disasters than politicians. Like garden snakes crawling out from water-logged blades of grass, they see votes in every band of hurricane gust that hits landfall.

Vote for me and you will never have your house flooded by a hurricane again.

And last, but not least, we have the mainstream news media. Sticking a microphone in flood victims face just as they’re being pulled out of 4-feet high, dirty, bacteria-filled water and asking them how they feel is about as insensitive and ignorant as it gets.

“I’m fine. There’s worms, mosquitos, fish, alligators and fire ants crawling up my legs and ass, but don’t worry, I have plenty of time to do an interview with you on live TV.”

Celebrities like Jennifer Lawrence who say hurricanes are Mother Nature’s way of punishing people who voted for Donald Trump are the epitome of ignorance and political, opportunism.

As if Mother Nature selectively decided where to land that ferocious, hurricane according to your state or county’s voting data.

The absurd intellect and anti-comprehension of Hollywood celebrities is both mind-boggling and frightful and could be the doom of us all.

That’s if…we are dumb enough to listen to them. So please, don’t listen to them.

If Mother Nature was politically biased, then why did Mexico suffer an 8.2-magnitude earthquake recently and half of Los Angeles was on fire? Maybe Mother Nature got her political ideology confused?

The truth is, some people like misery and feed off it like a dry sea sponge soaks up the ocean water. It’s their own negativity and failure to gauge reality in an intellectual and common sense way that breeds that foolish behavior.

But thank God that ordinary, hard-working, Americans don’t react that way. When a disaster strikes, they forget about racial, political, economic and social upheaval (and even sexual) and step up to help each other.

They don’t wave their ideological banners in the face of those who just had their house roofs blown off by a Category 4 hurricane.

No, instead, they open up their wallets and purses and donate to hurricane relief funds. They volunteer their time and boats, send supplies and open up their homes to those who pray for a dry mattress to sleep on at night and get a bowl of cereal for their kids.

They see no black or white faces.

America needs more of that.

They get moving and help rescue people who need help. They don’t point the finger, instead, they sacrifice their own safety to pull strangers out of dire, life-threatening circumstances.

Thank God most people don’t think and reason like celebrities, politicians, looters, and price-gougers.

The normal mind needs to excel and moralize sometimes, no?

Maybe you should too.

It may seem like peculiar logic, but at times we have to thank Mother Nature for forcing us to revert back to unconditional love for our fellow man.

It’s like the nurturing love of a traditional, Italian mother that has to use the wooden spoon to knock us back into our God-given, sensibilities.

Of course, there are people who suffer genuine, psychological trauma from living through or witnessing natural disasters or other traumatic events. But these people are not in the same category as the price-gouging, looting, and finger-pointing crowd or the mainstream media that divides and conjectures politically and socially for higher news ratings.

No matter what your political or social status may be, the better side of human conditioning compels us all to do the right thing. Forget the political, economic, racial and social negativity that some people try to spawn from natural disasters.

Help your fellow man. Make that $10 donation to the American Red Cross or other hurricane relief funds or where ever else you think your kindness and generosity can help someone.

Showing that you care does not come with pre-existing conditions.

Deny the negativity. Accept the spirituality.

Those in need will thank you.

And your conscience will also.


Joseph E Rathjen is an Opinion Writer, pollster and a member of the “National Society of Newspaper Columnists.”

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