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The political takedown of National Security Advisor, Michael Flynn, has launched a political, Cold War within our government, and if it isn’t stopped and ended quickly, America will destroy itself from within or be destroyed by its enemies.

When someone inside the intelligence community decided to leak details of National Security Advisor, Michael Flynn’s phone calls to the Russian ambassador, it invoked the same clandestine methods reminiscent of Adolf Hitler’s, secret Nazi police (the SS) during World War II.

The only difference is the “Allgemeine SS” which was Hitler’s political, ideology enforcer, jailed and slaughtered Hitler’s political enemies. The people who took down Flynn though, weren’t out to kill him but they were out to destroy him over suspicions of negotiating the release of some useless, Russian sanctions.

Even though, about that, the spooks could care less.

Instead, they most likely did it to stop Flynn from helping President Trump to cancel the Iranian Nuclear deal and from exposing the destructive ‘side deals’ Obama had made with the Iranian, Mullahs.

But is that all?

No, there are probably bigger stakes at play here, and it has nothing to do with deporting some Russian diplomats.

Moles Inside The Intelligence Community

Which brings us to the questions: Is there a more sinister plot at work here? Was Flynn’s relations with Russia the only reason the intelligence community targeted him? Is there intelligence personnel still so controlled and indebted to Obama and his policies that they are openly carrying out political assassinations on his behalf?

Trump infuriated the intelligence community so much right before his inauguration that it would be quite conceivable to understand why they would want to take him down.

But Flynn’s hostile relationship with Obama when he served as Obama’s, Defense Intelligence Agency Director for 2-years is another reason why he may have been targeted. Flynn was fired by Obama for taking a stand against radical, Islamism and wanting to expose the fact that Al Qaeda was expanding its ranks around the world.

And Obama was having none of that.

But before you take down the president, you have to take down his royal guard. That’s the protective, military and political detail that surrounds and protects the president at all costs. Every president has them, and Trump has surrounded himself with some of the best. Flynn is most likely only the first casualty in the process of defeating Trump.

If you see more accusations of Russian canoodling against other members of Trump’s campaign team and other administration officials for other reasons, then you know the coup has begun.

In the world of politics, evidence of wrongdoing isn’t necessary to ruin a political career; just rousing suspicion is enough. The way Flynn went out was no different than being hung by a lawless; Facebook lynch mob.

Where is the crime? Where is the evidence that Flynn did indeed collude with the Russians and promise “After the election, I have more flexibility,” like Obama was caught saying to Putin on a hot mic during his second campaign?

Anyone remember that? Even the NY Times said this week the FBI could find no evidence that Flynn had done anything wrong.

So what is all the hullabaloo about and why is it any different than what Obama had promised Putin?

The Coup d’etat

If you pay attention and look around the political arena today, you can clearly see signs of a coup d’etat developing and being spearheaded by Democrats, executed by the intelligence community and cheered on by the news media.

Supporters of Hillary Clinton are still so incensed that Trump won the election that they are willing to destroy his presidency and his cabinet at all costs. And that would include crippling America’s new government even if it risks making it susceptible to foreign attack.

The very visible and sudden presence of a Russian, nuclear missile equipped, spy boat only 30-miles off the coast of Connecticut is proof enough that our enemies are going to take full advantage. Today it’s the Russians, tomorrow it could be the Iranians or madman, Kim Jung Un.

How easy will it be to attack America when half of its political structure is trying to destroy the other half? How irresistible is that?

The Democrats incessant obsession with destroying Trump only 3-weeks into his presidency is at a fever pitch and increasingly dangerous to America. When you have an intelligence community trying to discredit its own Commander-In-Chief  – you have all the makings of a fascist and radical, overthrow.

Welcome to Nazi America, where the NSA and maybe other intelligence agencies who still employ Obama’s holdovers have appointed themselves as domestic, political assassins for hire, like in a third-world, Banana Republic.

Are American intelligence agencies and their spies going into business for themselves by peddling sensitive intelligence information to the news media outlets, newspapers, reporters, websites or the highest, political bidder?

It certainly looks like that’s what’s happening.

Is this the Democrat Party’s version of Hitler’s SS? Has the Democratic leadership decided any gov’t official who doesn’t agree with their progressive ideology and becomes too powerful should be eliminated via the NSA, secret document-drop, hit squad?

It’s a scary reality and proof how the Democratic Party has succumbed to Russian style politics. And that’s ironic, considering that’s exactly what the Democrats have been complaining about all along – the way the Russians operate.

What’s going to be next, Trump’s cabinet officials being eliminated in car accidents or being found dead in a bed in a vacation resort with a pillow over their head?

Vincent Foster type suicides behind the Rose Garden in the middle of the night?

After the election, many pundits had expressed surprise that Obama didn’t seem overly shocked or perturbed that Hillary Clinton had lost the election.

Maybe he didn’t need to. I wouldn’t either, especially if I knew a whole network of spooks were ready to attack the new President at my behest.

By the way, Obama was still president when Flynn made those phone calls and was the only one who could have ordered the NSA to track his calls. Obama was also the one who had signed an Executive Order right before he left office giving the NSA the right to share intelligence information with all the other spy agencies.

So what did Obama know and when did he know it?

Funny how Obama kept saying he was going to stick around after the election.

Stick around for what?


Joseph E. Rathjen is a published book author, opinion writer and a member of “The National Society of Newspaper Columnists.”

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