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It was astounding to watch the size of this past weekend’s “Women’s March” crowds – over a million, screaming “pink-pussy-hatted” foot soldiers who are ready to ‘rumble in the jungle’ with Republican President Donald J Trump.

For them, it was a proud moment and a perfect example of American democracy in action. For America, it was a prideful spectacle of public and peaceful protest the way civil unrest should be executed.

But here’s some advice to them all: President Donald J. Trump does not play nice. He plays to win, and his bouts always go past 15-rounds.

If the 2016 election taught us anything, it’s that Donald Trump refuses to yield or go down easily and he never quits. All one has to do to understand that is to look at the trail of dead, political corpses he has left behind.

If you tread carefully, you can tip-toe from state to state and county to county over the rotting, carcasses of mayors, governors and political operatives who took on the candidate, Donald J. Trump and lost.

Trump’s not just a fighter; he’s a brawler, a street warrior, and psychological warfare is his choice of weaponry.

Trump does the unexpected, the unheard of, the untested and you never know with what or what side he’ll be attacking. And when he hits you – you can bet it will be with shock and awe.

Marco Rubio found that out the hard way, and so did Jeb Bush, Lindsey Graham, Paul Rand and Hillary Clinton – all seasoned veterans of the political, combat arena.

Not to say, though, that a few million angry and feeling abused women can’t align strategically and take on and influence Trump. That’s in the realm of possibility, but it also depends on who’s leading them.

If this past weekend’s display of pep talks though from the Women’s March stages are any indication, the battle is getting off to a rocky start.

Take Madonna’s blatant bragging from behind the microphone, such as, when she said, “I’ve thought a lot about blowing up the White House!”

Political movements often lose steam very fast and fail to win over public support when their leaders promote assassinating the president. And it can result in a very nasty visit from an angry, Secret Service, which Madonna may soon be receiving.

Then there was the actor, Ashley Judd’s, bizarre and rap-like poem, recitation from a 19-year-old woman which she ended with, “Our pussies ain’t for grabbing,” Judd screamed, “Our pussies are for our pleasure, and they are for birthing new generations… of nasty women.”

That’s a hypocritical diatribe since lots of the march’s attendees were screaming for more abortion rights. Nasty women? With leaders and organizers like that who needs enemies?

And then there are the questionable ties to radical, Islam that one of the march’s organizers, “Linda Sarsour,” has, who is a Palestinian, Hamas, terrorist sympathizer and a Muslim activist who supports Sharia Law.

Why was that woman involved in the march for women’s rights? That certainly is a contradiction of ideologies that should be examined.

The Women’s March was no doubt intended to upstage and cast a dark cloud over President Trump’s Inauguration, and it succeeded very well.

But the battle has just begun. Trump is no longer a boisterous and foul-mouthed candidate. He is now the leader of the free world and possesses all the power and influence that goes along with that title.

Plus he has the advantage of the support of two-thirds of Congress, the Justice Department, most of state and city law enforcement and our military, not to mention his diehard supporters who are willing to go to hell and back for him.

And then there’s the Supreme Court which is only one vote away from becoming a Conservative majority.

That’s a formidable hurdle for any movement to be taking on. You can conspire to freeze or block any voter-district gerrymandering in swing states for the next midterm elections, but that’s a process that’s going to need a lot more than a few public appearances from has-been actors and a few, decades old, fledging, pop artists.

The next midterm election will be a hard-fought and raucous campaign. The Democrats better have their battle plans drawn out carefully and might want to reassess their last, losing election strategies.

Trump has only been president for 3-days now. If you think that was enough time to give a newly elected president a chance to prove himself, then obviously the war drums you are beating were being tuned up long before Election Day.

But the battle will undeniably continue.

Next up is this coming Friday’s, “Pro-Life March.” It may not compare to the Women’s March on Saturday, but who knows, sometimes when other groups and more angry women join forces, lots of “nasty” women come out to participate.

It going to be interesting. Hold on to your seatbelts as the forces of American democracy prepare to do battle unto themselves.


Joseph E. Rathjen is a published book author, opinion writer, and a freelance writer.

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