America is a country ripe with hypocrisies, and sometimes the most outlandish and obvious ones are ignored. It’s not because our eyes are too blind to see, it’s because the chatter and noise that surrounds them – politically and emotionally – forces our vision to become clouded ambiguously.

Take, for example, the hypocrisy between the NRA and Planned Parenthood.

America’s premiere, most powerful gun club and defender of the 2nd Amendment has come under extreme attack from the anti-gun lobby. After 49 people had been slaughtered by a radicalized, Muslim terrorist in Orlando, Florida, the NRA was tied to the stake and basted for a media-fueled, fiery and public roasting.

And all because of a rifle called the AR15.

The fundamental hypocrisy about this story is that the gun used by the fanatical, gay-hating and ISIS loving terrorist was not an AR15, but rather, another commonly bought, semi-automatic rifle that is not classified in the same category as assault rifles.

And it was bought legally.

But that didn’t matter to the far-left, anti-gun progressive, lynch mob. They had to have a patsy because blaming the killer, and the extreme, religious ideology he championed (ISIS) went against their politically correct narrative about how using the term radical, Muslim extremism is an insult to all of Islam.

Liberal publications like the “NY Daily News” and the “Boston Globe” lambasted the NRA for days after the massacre with front covers calling the NRA and its members accomplices and even killers.

Because the NRA defends the 2nd Amendment and the right for citizens to protect themselves they were, therefore, responsible for the barbaric murders of 49 people and all the other club goers who were wounded.

And the politically, far-left and the abortion, pro-choice crowd piled on and on and on. The NRA advocates and supports products that kill human beings they proclaimed – how dare they.

Enter Planned Parenthood and the golden hypocrisy of how some groups in America conveniently spin the instruments and products of death to fit their own biased, political narratives and policies.

It’s called abortion and how one law gives the choice and the right to kill and exterminate a human life (fetus) but chastises another law that only supplies a product that has the mechanical potential to end a life if used with intended malice.

It likes the difference between supplying a practice, target range for hunters where no living thing is allowed to be killed, versus the other where they physically and legally perform the killing for you on-site and on demand.

What a convenient, morally-defunct, service-oriented business Planned Parenthood is, no?

It’s a hypocritical concept and one which the first alien visitor to earth might find astounding before and even after we tell him it’s true.

“We don’t like people to have guns here on earth because they might kill someone with them, but we can take you into this room and kill your little alien baby for you before it’s born if you pay us.”

How pro-choice and hypocritical is that?

It’s amusing how the same people who fund and support Planned Parenthood’s abortion clinics want the NRA abolished. Politicians like Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton want us to believe that humans who have an enhanced, killing instinct will lose it automatically if we take everyone’s guns away.

But the choice to kill our offspring is a natural and acceptable one – according to Clinton and Obama – because personal choice and convenience are more important than the sanctity of innocent life.

One product can kill mechanically, so it must be removed – but the one that kills through social empowerment and progressive ideology is a superior alternative and must be allowed to flourish and grow.

According to Planned Parenthood and the rest of the liberal world, the choice to kill isn’t as morally defective as the design of the killing tool itself.

According to the latest, real-time statistics at (www.numberofabortions.com) while I was writing this article, there were 149,962 abortions conducted so far this year by Planned Parenthood alone, and
504,622 abortions so far in the United States.

In comparison, in the entire year of 2015, there were 12,942 people killed by gun violence in the United States.

This year alone, Planned Parenthood has eradicated (through abortion) 137,020 more babies than gun deaths did to the entire American population in the previous year.

But it’s the assault rifle liberals say they want banned to save lives.

If these numbers prove anything, it’s that statistically, abortion through Planned Parenthood is one of the leading killers of human life in America today.

And they don’t even use guns.

It doesn’t matter that a gun wasn’t used to kill all those babies and snuff out their lives. The product or instrument of death to destroy a life doesn’t matter.

What’s important and relevant is that the – unnecessary – murder under any means at all is wrong and immoral. And those who chose to kill for convenience or choice and hide under the facade of political ideology are the worst killers of all.

Guns alone don’t kill people, only people using the guns and other instruments of death do.

It’s not a debatable, political ideology; it’s the truth…


Joseph E. Rathjen is a freelance writer, blogger, book author and a member of “The National Society of Newspaper Columnists.”

4 thoughts on “The NRA and Planned Parenthood: A Study Of American Hypocrisy

  1. The second amendment is apparently carved in (head)stone, as well as in James Brady’s and Gabby Giffords’ faces and in the shattered spines of the not quite driven-by children all across America’s biggest cities. No, guns don’t shoot people (as even Lennon might say..or might not?), but they DO rule out a second thought. PPA is just another automatic weapon with armories everywhere. We choose death, not protection of anyone but self.

  2. Many of these aborted fetuses would have ended up being supported by our government. Good people with guns dont have pregnancies they dont want. The world is better off. You are not the moral compass of this nation, or of any individual in it and as a nation free of and from religion, you should just let your god do the judging.

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