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Obama’s “State of the Union Address” last night was another stark and banner-waving spectacle promoting more “hope and change.” It was also a classic example of how skilled Obama has become at cloaking his political shortcomings with loud and impressive, oratorical ramblings.

The elegance of his style was so convincing, though, that anyone who never heard him speak before would swear they were listening to an accomplished and humble, public servant, instead of the petulant and selfish statesman Obama has truly become.

Void of substance, it was nothing but a cleverly-crafted pep talk centering on the failures and bigotry of others and a plea for ordinary Americans to take action themselves.

I almost thought I was listening to a podcast of a 20-page, white paper perfectly crafted by an expert copywriter. Who could say no to such lavish trimmings and visions of grandeur?

But that’s what Obama has always been so great at and that’s what got him elected twice. Obama is an expert at shining up his brand and convincing everyone that all is well in America and that there is nothing to worry about.

“Hey, guys…I got this…now go back to sleep.”

Meanwhile, the Middle East burns and folks back home are tearing each other’s throats out amongst a tirade of racial bias, ethnic and religious division.

And let’s not forget about those nasty, scary things called guns.

But, Obama doesn’t seem to think he has anything to do with that as he talks about the fear mongers who prey on people’s worries. That’s ironic, considering how he has half the country paranoid over who’s purchasing firearms and what he calls the “militarization” of police.

It’s all the Republicans’ fault, Obama says with esteemed conviction. Then he tells us how climate change is the number one national security threat, and how rising oceans and warmer temperatures are quickly dooming us all.

That’s where the real terror lies, Obama says – ISIS is only a European problem and nothing to get all worked up about.

America is great and we shall overcome.

Yes, America is great, but when we have a president that negotiates nuclear deals with the leading terrorist nation and gives them billions of dollars to invest, it won’t be so great for long. When we have a president who inflames racial tensions instead of calling for calm – white and black blood will continue to flow in the streets.

In last night’s address, Obama said he regretted the “rancor and suspicion” of partisan politics that has besieged Congress for the last seven years. I found that interesting, considering the fact that Obama is known in Congress as being unwilling to compromise on any political issue.

Like one CNN, guest congressman, said on-air last night, “With Obama, it’s usually his way or the highway.” That’s not a glowing critique for a president who last night was demanding cooperation and telling Congress to “fix its politics.”

Strong leaders lead by example, not by giving fancy speeches and admonishing those who could possibly precede him.

When a country’s debt grows by 8 trillion dollars under one president, it’s hard to convince its citizens that the country’s economics are sound.

Under Obama though, half the country has learned to deal with a problem by ignoring it and making believe it doesn’t exist at all. Tear the country in half, pit one against the other and lay the blame on stalwart and conservative traditionalists who only want to abide by the United States Constitution.

Gut its military and then tell the country how infallible it has become.

Changing a country fundamentally only works when the country has fallen so hard militarily, economically and socially that it has no chance to recover. It should not be done and should never be allowed to satisfy one man’s selfish ideology.

And that was what Obama’s speech was about last night – satisfying his own insatiable desires to fundamentally change America into a third-world, socialist nation.


Joseph E. Rathjen is a freelance writer, book author and Pollster/Opinion Writer at 1World Online – America’s Fastest Growing Social Research Engine.

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