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It was in the year 1967 that I had the greatest Thanksgiving Day ever. Our dining room table was overflowing with scrumptious food, and our house was packed tightly with close family and friends. Outside, snowflakes fell gently atop the windowsills while inside, festive, holiday music filled the air.

Johnny Mathis…it was always Johnny Mathis playing on our living room stereo for the holidays. My Mom and Dad loved Johnny Mathis, I can almost hear him singing now:

“It’s not for me to say…”

It could have been Halloween and Johnny Mathis would still be playing on the stereo, but I didn’t care. Everyone that I wanted to be there had already come, and it seemed like nothing could ruin the day. Thankfully, it had been a very good year for my Dad’s construction business – so we were all going to have the feast of a lifetime.

I remember…

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