In a moment that could only be characterized as “cowardly”  and “alarming,” Hillary Clinton made it very clear in last night’s democratic debate that if she becomes president, America will not lead in the battle to defeat ISIS.

When Hillary was asked by the CBS debate moderator “Why should you be trusted to take on ISIS?” She said bluntly, “It cannot be an American fight.”

It was a shameful moment and one which was a direct slap in the face to the people of France – America’s oldest ally and the direct victims of Friday night’s horrendous terrorist attacks by ISIS.

What was she thinking?

Clinton then added, “We will support those who take up the fight against ISIS…” but that “…the United States does not have the bulk of the responsibility.”

In other words, even though the U.S.A. has the world’s most powerful military and advanced intelligence capabilities – it would be wiser to let smaller and weaker countries lead the fight against the world’s most powerful terrorist organization.

How considerate of Hillary Clinton.

Is this the kind of quality of leadership American voters are looking for in our next president?

Is this the leader we want to protect us when ISIS comes knocking at our doors, theaters and restaurants?

Of course, there were the usual reasons she gave as to why ISIS was able to grow so powerful and fill the vacuum left in the Middle East after American troops were forced out of Iraq.

First it was George Bush’s fault.

Then it was Assad’s fault.

Then it was the fault of the moderate rebel armies in not being able to defeat Assad and fill the vacuum in Iraq.

Then it was Nouri Al Maliki’s fault for failing to abide by the agreement made with George Bush to leave a predetermined amount of troops in the region.

But Hillary made no mention of how she and the Obama administration had failed to accurately gauge the capabilities of Obama’s “Jay-Vee” team. And she offered none of her own solutions on how to defeat ISIS on the ground.

Obviously…and the results of that failure are starting to cross into and threaten the lives of the people in more than one innocent country.

Whatever respect the French people may previously have had for Hillary Clinton is probably now gone. She has brazenly snubbed her nose to the bloodied, dead bodies that were laying in the Paris streets only 48-hours ago.

When the world is besieged by a barbaric ideology like ISIS, it needs more than a logistical support team that Hillary Clinton is offering. It needs a friend, an ally and a powerful army that will fight for it with no limitations.

Friends and allies don’t push each other out to the front lines of battle and watch from behind. They march together – side by side – and do what they have to do to overcome the genocidal intentions of armies like ISIS.

Last night, Hillary Clinton proved to everyone that if she becomes president America will be trapped into another four years of Obama’s miserable, foreign policy failures – indecision, procrastination, and cowardice.

Clinton intends to be in charge of a powerful army that would rather wait for its allies to be slaughtered before she puts boots on the ground to help them.

Hillary Clinton has proven now that she cannot be a leader, but can be counted on only to cheer from behind.

Americans should be concerned…and very alarmed.

And so should the rest of the world.

Joseph E. Rathjen is a freelance writer and a Pollster/Opinion Writer at 1World Online – America’s Fastest Growing Social Research Engine

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