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Forget about climate change…

Forget about income inequality…

Forget about the war on women…

Stop crying over racism and whether or not Transgenders should be allowed to use the same bathrooms as the rest of us…

Stop trying to be so politically correct all the time…

Ladies and gentlemen, there is a greater national security threat and a greater imminent danger to the people of America and the rest of the world.

And it is called – Islamic terrorism.

It doesn’t matter that all Muslim people are not terrorists and murderers. But it does matter that the terror is being carried out in the name of Allah and the entire Islamic faith.

For that simple fact, Islam itself cannot be forgiven or be considered predisposed as a religion at war within itself.

Islam is not at war within its own community – it is only at war with the rest of humanity.

And because the peaceful people of Islam are too powerless to stop their own religion’s violent extremism, or are too afraid or don’t want to, then the rest of the world has no choice.

The world most come together to stop radical Islam and ISIS on its own – and it must stop it now.

It is also time for President Obama to stop being afraid of blaming Islam for the horrific terror attacks everyone knows it is responsible for. It is time for him to stop coddling and making excuses for a religion that is brazenly calling for the destruction of all other faiths that refuse to bow down to its violent, extremism.

Isn’t it ironic that on the very same day President Obama said, “ISIS has been contained…” that ISIS has carried out and claimed responsibility for the terror attacks in France?

Have the terror attacks on France 24-hours ago woken us up? Has the bombing of a Russian, commercial airliner that killed 224 innocent people given us a clue?

Are we getting it now? Has the fog cleared? Are we finally willing to admit what we have avoided for so long?

It’s called war…violent, extremist, religious genocide by ISIS and other Islamic terror groups who are pounding their barbaric fists at our doors.

And no one is safe – NO ONE!

Syrian refugees – hundreds of thousands of them are spreading around Europe cloaking and allowing the free passage of Islamic terrorists to enter alongside them across the borders of Germany, Turkey and France.

Islamic armies are growing and creating sleeper cells in small towns, cities and countrysides. Our young college students, the ones blindly looking for a cause are being recruited from the deepest, dark depths of the web.

And now, jihadists are arriving in America -10,000 Syrian refugees entered Los Angeles this week – all un-vetted that will be free to roam across America.

Are we all blind? Have we all been so brainwashed by the liberal “bleeding heart” mentality that we can’t even recognize the enemy (or don’t want to) as they land freely upon our shores?

Are we going to wait until America has its next 9/11 before we demand that our spineless President and government protect our borders, our restaurants, our theaters and our homes?

Or do we continue to callously shake our heads then flip the Sunday newspaper over to the entertainment section?

It is sad to see a society that is so hellbent to prove its tolerance and love for those who promise to harm it that it becomes nose blinded to the smell of wolves growling at its borders.

Barbarians sculptured from the dark and Middle Ages are rising from their graves once more to pay homage to a pedophile and barbaric god.

Disarm America? Is that the answer to terrorism? Didn’t Obama say “Mass executions like this don’t happen in other countries?” Maybe Obama should go over to France at the Bataclan theatre and count all the dead bodies lying around.

A terrorist is a terrorist – no matter what ideology or religion they subscribe to, what ethnicity they are or what kind of clothes they wear.

Yes, it is time to be worried and time to be afraid.

The war has begun. ISIS is attacking and striking fear into the entire world.

Sometimes fear is a good thing – it wakes up our sensibilities, opens our eyes, wipes away the deniability and causes us to protect ourselves.

When an enemy is coming to destroy us we can’t run forever. Sooner or later we have to plant our boots on the ground and fight back.

Isn’t it plainly clear that the time to fight back has now come?

Yesterday, Islamic terrorism was in France and tomorrow it could be in NYC’s, Times Square. The next day it could be at one of your own children’s, soccer matches.

Pope Francis said today that the attacks on Paris, “Were a part of the Third World War.”

A piece-meal, Third World War – conflicts which are happening across the world that are all interconnected.

Unmistakably, the connection is – radical, Islam.

It can no longer be ignored.



Joseph E. Rathjen is a freelance writer and a Pollster/ Opinion Writer at 1World Online- America’s Fastest Growing Social Research Engine

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