starbucks holiday cup


The #WarOnChristmas has begun early this year and “Starbucks” has decided to become its official and leading, corporate sponsor.

Anti-Christmas, coffee drinkers around the world rejoice!

Ebenezer Scrooge would have been proud of Starbucks, no doubt for banishing Santa Claus, Christmas trees, reindeers, the baby Jesus and any references at all to the beloved Christian holiday.

By eliminating Christmas images altogether from their stores and coffee cups, Starbucks is making a very clear statement, which is: “Not Everyone Celebrates Christmas, Santa Claus Or the Baby Jesus – And Neither Should ANY Of Our Coffee Drinkers!”

How could a Starbucks latte customer read it any other way?

Oh yes, I forgot – there’s that thing about “all-inclusivity” which means, basically, that if everyone doesn’t share your enthusiasm for Christmas we’re going to do our best to bury it under the Winter snow.

According to Starbucks, Christmas is supposed to be about the holiday season only and has nothing to do with the true meaning of Christmas. But exactly what does that mean? What are we supposed to be celebrating then – only snow storms and gift-giving at grandma’s house?

Who cares about what a few hundred thousand (or maybe a million) of Starbucks coffee customers think and believe about Christmas? It’s more important for Starbucks to be politically correct – they don’t want their coffee drinkers running from Starbucks’ stores in horror at the sight of Santa Claus or the baby Jesus on their coffee cups.

That could end up in lots of panic attacks and dozens of messy lawsuits for Starbucks.

“Oh my God…that scary reindeer on my coffee cup caused me to spill hot coffee on my hand and get burned!”

Making believe that one of the biggest religious holidays in America doesn’t exist and trying to “redefine” it is the dumbest thing any corporation can do. It reeks of anti-religious sentiment and shows how corporate America easily falls to its knees when special interest groups stomp their feet in protest.

But should we be surprised?

Starbucks and the rest of the business world have become enslaved by politically correct activists who will stop at nothing to destroy traditional values, religious beliefs and even holidays that only a small percentage of the population despises.

And that’s what happens when tolerance and love become overpowered by the color of money.

I would have had more respect for Starbucks if they had simply offered holiday and non-holiday Christmas cups – at least that way all Starbucks’ customers would have an option and feel inclusive.

It’s no wonder Starbucks has to charge so much for one cup of coffee – political blackmail can cost quite a lot.

Bah humbug!

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