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The anti-Semites at the United Nations have tried to outdo themselves with the most unimaginable resolution in its 71-year-old history – by taking claim to the “Western Wall” away from Israel and declaring it as an official Muslim holy site.

Allah would have been proud, no doubt.

Fortunately, a higher power has prevailed last  week and left the centuries-old stones of the Temple Mount Plaza alone and safely in the hands of the Jewish people – for now.

But the silliness is not over…

The Palestinians dropped their demand but are still insisting that “Rachel’s Tomb” in Bethlehem and the “Tomb of the Patriarchs” (both Israeli holy sites) be declared as holy, Muslim sites only.

The history and origins of the Western Wall go back thousands of years. Judaism, Islam and Christianity have all used the Western Wall as a divine holy site for centuries. But it is the conflict between the Arabs and the Jews that has caused the most controversial debate about who actually “owns” the wall in Jerusalem.

It is, as always, a dispute wrought with cold-blooded hatred, death and destruction. It is also as old as the decaying mortar that holds the crumbling stones together.

It is true that the Muslims controlled most of the access into and out of the various gates of the site before the Israeli-Arab, 6-day war in 1967. But it has been the Jews that have always revered the Western Wall as Judaism’s most sacred ground and one which most of the world has never disputed.

Even Muslims themselves have never regarded the wall in Jerusalem as their “holiest” site. For Islam, that distinction belongs to Masjid Al-Haram (the Sacred Mosque) in Mecca.

But that’s not enough for Islam or the Jew-hating Palestinians. Now they want to claim the “Wailing Wall” also by trying to snatch it away from the Jews with an absurd U.N. resolution.

Should we be surprised?

Islam has a long tradition of trying to eradicate any sacred traces of any other religion’s existence and past. Even today, Muslim extremism (ISIS) is systematically destroying many holy sites and artifacts belonging to the world’s other faiths in their barbaric, quest for world domination.

Meanwhile, the United Nations looks on and does nothing to stop the atrocities and clearly supports any anti-Israel legislation.

When are the United Nations and the rest of the anti-Semites going to leave Israel alone and let them pray in peace? The world has grown tired of Palestinian terror attacks and their endless crusade to annihilate the Israeli nation.

Destroying the Jews and exiling them from their tiny parcel of land is not going to make any other religion more compassionate or holy and rewrite history.

And it’s not going to do much for the sake of humanity itself.

Didn’t the world learn anything from the near ethnic genocide of the Jews by Adolf Hitler?

Obviously not.

Joseph E. Rathjen is a freelance writer and an Opinion Writer at 1World Online – America’s Fastest Growing Social Research Engine.

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