Donald Trump is loud, bold and obnoxious. He’s also like a pyromaniac standing in a dark alley holding a 5-gallon can of gasoline and a lit match.

At any moment of the day or at any presidential campaign stop, Donald Trump can be counted on to say something offensive or rile up a constituency that is fed-up with progressive hypocrisy and political correctness.

Donald Trump is the torch that lights that fire.

Does that ring a bell? Does the name Al Sharpton come to mind?

Donald Trump and Al Sharpton are alike in many ways, although in different contexts. They both strategize and campaign the same way. They see an injustice (or what they believe to be one) and bring it to the forefront in a loud and explosive manner. They don’t care if it offends anyone and will even double-down when called out on its bizarre behavior.

Political correctness be damned and that’s why lots of voters love Al Sharpton and now even Donald Trump.

In Al Sharpton’s case, it’s the African American community. Black people love Al Sharpton and what he stands for (racial injustice) and they don’t care how radical and controversial he behaves. Someone is speaking for them – loudly and aggressively – and that’s what matters the most to them.

In Donald Trump’s case, it’s white, conservative America that is responding positively to him and making him surge in the polls. The voters who agree with him on illegal immigration, Obama’s failed foreign policy and the decline of America’s influence and power throughout the world are being drawn to him in droves.

Conservatives and Independents like the way Trump speaks; he voices ideas that are absolute, he doesn’t mince words and he says what the other candidates are afraid to say publicly.

Trump speaks for the silent majority (or so he says) and that seems to be drawing the crowds out in the same impressive numbers Al Sharpton draws protesters out into the streets.

As the latest polls show, Donald Trump is the only candidate that seems to be having an effect on the voters. They are responding, in much the same way the black community does to Al Sharpton, no matter how outrageous his words and actions have become.

But let’s be honest here – if Donald Trump continues in his scurrilous ways he will soon be forgotten like an old, newspaper headline, and in the same way Al Sharpton gets kicked aside after people get sick of the protests, the rioting and the looting in the streets.

You can only burn down so many buildings or block so many streets before people get weary of the chaos.

And you can only act like a jackass for so long before people get tired of all the shenanigans.

Unless Trump comes back down to earth and starts initiating a serious and professional campaign his poll numbers will inevitably beat him back down to the ground.

Although Trump has raised some bonafide and serious political issues that need to be resolved, people will stop listening if he keeps giving out other candidates’ personal cell phone numbers or keeps personally degrading his opponents.

And if Trump wants to have a chance at the GOP nomination, he better start acting more dignified and presidential-like.

Sometimes, an intelligent and important message that voters need to hear gets drowned out by a poor delivery system and an aggressive  personality. Someone competent in presidential campaigning needs to explain that crucial fact to Donald Trump and steer him in the right direction.

Trump’s campaign slogan is  “Make America Great Again.” Trump once said himself, “To become successful…you first have to learn how to act and appear successful.”

That’s good advice from a successful businessman like Donald Trump.

Hopefully, Trump will start taking some of his own advice.



Joseph E. Rathjen is a freelance writer and a Pollster/Opinion Writer at 1World Online – America’s Fastest Growing Social Research Engine.

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