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America has become too obsessed with the lives of celebrities. Every day when we open up a newspaper, turn on the T.V. or go online, we are pounded with endless news stories about Hollywood celebrities. What they said, where they shop, who they’re voting for, and how they dress their kids seems to be more important than the relevant things that truly affect our lives.

It is an endless, boring, and a celebrity-driven strategy to brainwash us all and keep us mesmerized by Hollywood’s, fake and fantasy-driven world.

And who cares?

Does any of us need to know who George Clooney is donating money to in the next presidential election? Is that supposed to change our mind about who we are or should be voting for?

Is it important to know every time Leonardo DiCaprio goes out to a club in Manhattan with 10 models and his 50-people, entourage to get hammered?

Do we need to know what private, $10,000 per-month middle school some celebrity’s kid is attending? Is that supposed to make us feel guilty because our own children attend public school?

We are living in a celebrity-obsessed world where every move, spoken word or thought by a famous or fly-by-night actor is broadcasted on social media or on network news moments after it happens.

A few days ago, comedian Amy Schumer said at the “Glamour Awards”: “I’m 160 lbs and can catch d**k at any time I want.” That comment was immediately plastered all over social media as if it was the top literary achievement of the year deserving of the Pulitzer Prize. Exactly what benefit to the arts and humanity that comment was for remains unclear.

The truth is we have become victims of grocery store tabloids that suck us in and keep us glued to everything a Hollywood superstar does or says. And then, unfortunately, we compare it to our own lives.

It’s preposterous and only proves that we are more interested in what celebrities say or think than those around us in the real world. Some may call it an escape or entertainment,  but in reality it is a sad portrayal of what our society and culture has become.

12 thoughts on “America Is Too Obsessed With The Lives Of Celebrities

  1. I agree, it’s sad. And stupid! We are wasting our lives watching TV and wishing we had the lives those celebrities have when we could be out enjoying what we do have.

    • I agree, Capt Jill. There’s nothing wrong with being entertained by them, but they live totally different lives than us. That’s why their political, social and religious views should be kept to themselves and not glorified by the media.

      • yes, I agree Joseph. I really don’t understand why so many people think celebrities are better than them about anything. Maybe they’re better looking than most of the rest of us, but that’s about all I can say for them.

  2. Sadly, this has really always been the case. Think Marilyn Monroe or Humphrey Bogart or Queen Elizabeth. Go back far enough and I’m sure you would find the same with the likes of William Shakespeare and such.

  3. Oh, this is too much of a coincidence as I was talking about this very issue with my boyfriend this evening…We spend an inordinate amount of time idolizing and obsessing over people We Don’t Even Know, filthy rich people who are paid a ridiculous amount of money for entertainment purposes (or even worse — wretched people who are paid for their scandals). Everyone from athletes to movie actors to comedians to fashion mavens…It’s all absurd. Why do THEY even matter? What good are they, really? Philanthropy, maybe…but not many…

    • Mjennings, I agree. How can they in good conscience stand there and scream for justice and social change when they are living the very lives that they rile against? How about donating some of those millions to charities and people who need it badly? That would make them real superstars.

  4. Me too, Denny. I’m not going to change my whole way of thinking and living to satisfy a small minority. Sorry, but I’m an ‘old dog’ that isn’t looking for new tricks!

  5. This is spot on. I wrote recently about our culture of rising expectations and a middle class that is guilty of “abundance denial” and this celebrity obsession has a lot to do with it. It was hard enough to keep up with the Jones’… but now the Kardashians are the yard stick. Oprah’s favorite things — one of the richest women in the world, by the way — all of a sudden became a must-have for average people. It’s all pretty crazy. I say each one of us ought to ditch the magazines, unplug the TV and get close-up and intimate with our own lives. Become the celebrity in your own life.

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