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Let’s face it – a man can write a cute story about something he did with his kids and no one cares, but when a woman writes that same story the post goes viral.

Now, let me say right from the beginning, that I’m not complaining that women have an unfair advantage in blogging. Writing is writing, right? It should make no difference if the author is a man or a woman – it’s only the content that counts.

But is that really true?

Of course, there are the obvious reasons why some blog posts are better written by women than men. I don’t think I need to list all those reasons because we all know what they are. But for the curious here are a few:

1. Women Are More Qualified To Write Posts About Women’s Issues.

2. Women Are More Qualified To Write About Emotion.

3. Women Are More Qualified To Write About Family Life.

4. Women Garner More Attention For Relationships And Breakups.

5. Women Garner More Sympathy And Understanding Than Men In General.

I could go on and on, but I think when matters of the heart, social issues, children and families are concerned most readers would prefer to hear a woman’s thoughts rather than a man’s opinion.

Is there a difference between a woman’s thoughts and a man’s opinion? It might be an interesting question to ponder over.

And for some strange reason (I’ve noticed) that when women start a photography site they get more likes and comments than a male photographer would. I don’t know why, maybe photography is more interesting when it is done by a woman?

Once again, I’m not complaining, but a large percentage of the blogs I follow are administrated by women. Maybe that’s because women are home more during the day than men are and they have more time?

I’ve also found that my own blog gets more comments and likes from women than it does from men. It gets a LOT more comments from women and that surprises me since I usually only post about politics and social issues. Some men may say that’s because women like to gab more and insert their point of view.

Whatever, and so if that’s the reason that’s okay because as I’m sure the followers of my blog have noticed, I like to insert my opinion also.

I think the reason why blogging is more natural and easier for women is because a woman is more nurturing. When a woman has a passion she cuddles and caresses it more intimately than a man does. She instinctively knows when it needs more attention. A male blogger just checks his stats and takes it from there.

Recently, a female blogger I know told me that she spends as much time with her “baby” as she possibly can. Of course, I thought instinctively that she was talking about her child. She wasn’t – she was talking about her blog.

I rest my case.



Joseph E. Rathjen is a freelance writer and an Opinion Writer at 1World Online- America’s Fastest Growing Social Research Engine.

9 thoughts on “Why Blogging Is Easier For Women Than It Is For Men!

  1. Might the reason for woman commenting more that they empathize with the writers more than men and want to show their support by not simply reading but also engaging in a conversation that might nurture a relationship? After all, we are often more open with people we barely know from the internet than people we meet in real life every now and then!

    • Good point, mirrorgirl. Sometimes writing is an easier, indepth and more complete way to convey one’s thoughts. That’s why we are more open and fothright in our conversations online. We don’t have the visual clues or signs of acceptance or disagreement to inhibit our prowse. I think woman tend to “feel” the emotion of the written word more than men do. But I think even a talented and perceptive male writer can appeal to a woman’s emotion with the right touch.

      • Off course they can, I wish more men WOULD write as we need their thoughts and stories as much as we need women to share theirs. My three favorite authors are all men, because they DO manage to describe life and emotions like no one else (Haruki Murakami, Lars Saaby Christensen and Stephen King)

  2. interesting post, I had to go look at my blog to see, it looks like I might have a few more women than men followers, but it really looks pretty even. Maybe because I don’t usually post about the ‘usual’ women’s subjects? I post a lot about work and since I work offshore and there aren’t many women out there, maybe that’s why more men follow me? I also post about politics and no one ever seems to like or comment on those posts- men or women. I do seem to get more comments from women on other things.

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