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When overzealous, Maryland state attorney, Marilyn Mosby announced murder charges against six police officers this week for the death of Freddy Gray, she committed an egregious rush to judgement. Mosby’s actions were not the result of a lengthy and complete police investigation, but rather a blatant attempt to satisfy Baltimore’s enraged, black community.

Mosby also moved swiftly against those six police officers to launch her own short-lived, political career into overdrive – you could see it by the look on her face and the angry tone in her voice.

Mosby wasn’t a prosecutor asking a community to be patient while investigators took the appropriateĀ amount time to gather enough evidence to ensure a solid conviction. Instead, she was political, revengeful and a city prosecutor playing to the hordes of protesters, looters and rioters enraged over the tragic death of a young black man.

Mosby is out for blood and looking to become the harbinger of social justice for the entire African-American community, as seen in her comment “To the people of Baltimore and the demonstrators across America…I heard your call for “no justice, no peace.”

For Mosby, this isn’t a criminal case against six Baltimore policemen, but an indictment on police abuse against the entire black community in America.

Mosby’s foolish and self-serving legal tactic will backfire. Most legal experts in the country agree that the charges of involuntary manslaughter Mosby has brought against the police officers will be frustrating and difficult to prove. They are also saying that her only saving grace will be to convince one or more of the officers to turn against each other.

It is sad that when an opportunity presents itself to right an alleged injustice to a racial issue that it is not met with more professionalism and restraint.

When Baltimore’s mayor asked her own police department to show restraint, they did so and with undue professionalism. So it will be ironic to watch and see how Mosby’s rush to indict some of those very same police officers plays out.

Mosby may be handing the Baltimore police department an early victory. By refusing to consider an independent prosecutor, a change of venue accompanied with her own public remarks, Mosby has already tainted what could have otherwise been an enormous, personal and political victory.

Joseph E. Rathjen is a freelance writer and an Opinion Writer at 1World Online – America’s Fastest Growing Social Research Engine

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One thought on “Why Marilyn Mosby’s ‘Rush To Judgement’ For Freddy Gray Will Backfire

  1. I don’t think any of us media story consumers knows if it’s a rush to judgment or not. We don’t know the extent of evidence in the hands of prosecutors. Cases involving police behavior sometimes move more quickly than average, since the police document their actions as a part of the job. There are apparently different kinds of physical and forensic evidence available. If prosecutors think they already have a provable case, why sit on it with a city on the edge of chaos?

    A change of venue may happen no matter what Mrs. Mosby wants, since that’s a judge’s call, not hers. I sat on several criminal juries when I used to live in Los Angeles. Jury pools aren’t that easy to taint in a big city. They can always find people working three jobs who don’t get exposed to much media. And people can be very thoughtful if presented with sufficient evidence and the time in which to consider it.

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