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In 2016, American voters will look for three of the most important qualities in its next president – trust, honesty, and loyalty. There is nothing more important to the American people than knowing that their next leader will be loyal, truthful and faithful to them, and have only America’s well-being at heart.

Hillary Clinton is not that person. She has proven more than once that she is not trustworthy. She comes from an administration that views transparency, honesty and loyalty as a fading and archaic tradition.

Hillary Clinton is an elitist, a businesswoman and a political, egomaniac at heart.

Hillary’s latest foray into the hijacking and hostage-taking of official State Department emails only proves that she views official, government business as her own, private enterprise. Her foundation’s dealings and donations from Saudia Arabia and the United Arab Emirates also questions whether or not she can be (discreetly) bought or influenced by foreign governments.

Is that the type of person America wants as its next president? Is that the type of person that American voters can entrust their future too?

America needs a leader that will have the courage and the insight to protect it from its enemies at home and abroad. If the Benghazi Embassy attack is any indication of Clinton’s resolve to take charge and act quickly in America’s defense, then our entire country’s future is in serious trouble.

If Hillary can’t protect our embassies how can she protect our country?

America needs a president with a backbone and one that is not afraid to act alone. It needs a president that is not afraid to defy another country’s demands or any other group’s religious ideology when its very own survival is at stake.

If Hillary Clinton becomes president, America will be thrust into another 4 years of the Obama Administration, and one led by appeasement, apology, political correctness, and a selling out of America’s liberties and principles.

America cannot afford another four years of progressive, destructive and fundamental change; it needs desperately to get back on its feet and regain the stature and respect that it so richly deserves but has lost.

If your neighbor told you one day that they are dead broke but have two, brand new Cadillacs parked in their mansion’s driveway would you believe or trust them?

Would you vote for them to become mayor of your town?

Honesty, trust, and loyalty are not political, fundamental rights for any politician – they have to be earned and proven – not taken for granted.



Joseph E. Rathjen is a freelance writer and an Opinion Writer at 1World Online – America’s fastest-growing, social research engine.

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3 thoughts on “Why Hillary Clinton Should Never Be President

  1. Now with the new scandal finds regarding her dealings with foreign governments to line hers and Bill’s pocket and be non-transparent there is even more to be afraid of this woman as president.

    Unfortunately we have so many misinformed voters and those who wold vote for her no matter what comes up, I fear she will be a shoe in.

    • Spot-on! The uninformed voter and the voter who chooses a candidate on race, ethnicity or gender is the voter who corrupts the entire democratic process. Hillary Clinton knows this and plays them like a fiddle! 😳

      • Yes she knows how to play the uninformed who are really the ones to fear that she will be elected. I’m also sure there will be massive fraud involved as there was so much in 2012 for Obama. Have we got a chance at all do you think?

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