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If I were Kevin Spacey, I would start counting my blessings. Bad Karma can strike unexpectedly, and when you spit in the face of Jesus Christ, like Kevin Spacey’s character (Frank Underwood) does in this season’s episode four, you may be pushing your luck.

But it’s only acting, right?

Netflix, the producers and the writers of ‘House of Cards’ have decided to make an extreme, anti-Christian statement this year, and they weren’t very subtle about how they did so.

In episode four, Spacey’s character, President Frank Underwood, enters a church, talks to a priest, and then stands before a crucifix of Jesus Christ. He looks up at it and says “Love….that’s what you’re selling? Well, I don’t buy it!”

Then he spits in the face of Jesus Christ.

If that wasn’t enough, Spacey’s character then takes out a handkerchief and attempts to wipe away the spit, but the ceramic head shatters apart.

Spacey bends down, picks up one of the ceramic ears and then says, “Well, I’ve got God’s ear now!”

Spacey’s scene is not only blatantly blasphemous and anti-religious, it is also legally, brilliant. After all, Hollywood lives and amasses its fortunes in the world of make believe. So what other convenient and safer way would there be to make such a political and anti-Christian statement?

“Christians are all taking it the wrong way.” The cast and crew of ‘House of Cards’ will undoubtedly say. “It’s not Kevin Spacey’s opinion – it’s his character’s belief, or rather, lack of it.”

The world’s atheists, radical Muslims and haters of all things Godly will be jumping up and down for joy. They may even start branding Kevin Spacey himself as the great ‘Hollywood, Anti-Christ” deserving of next year’s special “Anti-Christian, Academy Award.”

It’s ironic that Hollywood would display such an anti-Christian statement while their greatest benefactor of campaign contributions himself (Obama) pleads for patience, tolerance and understanding of the controversial, and radical Muslim faith.

Did Obama’s words of tolerance and love not echo poolside out in Hollywood, or did they think that edict applies only to Christians?

Obviously, and for whatever reasons the writers of House of Cards wrote in such a deplorable scene is baffling and downright degrading to the entire Christian faith.

When the world is witnessing the beheadings of Christians on YouTube and the genocide of hundreds of thousands more, what artistic, benefit for humanity did Hollywood hope to achieve?

There can be none at all.

And about the only thing Spacey’s scene will accomplish is to promote more division and hatred among the followers of religion and those who have no faith.


Joseph E. Rathjen is a freelance writer and an Opinion Writer at 1World Online – America’s Fastest Growing Social Research Engine.

His blog: http://www.josephrathjen.wordpress.com

7 thoughts on “‘House of Cards’ Actor Kevin Spacey Spits In The Face Of Jesus

  1. I appreciate your post even though I have a different reaction to the scene you’re describing. I actually appreciate as a powerful portrayal of unabashed atheism. I think it evokes a visceral reaction that should alienate even the nominal agnostic. I hope it provokes that sort of misgiving and second thoughts because, ultimately, the destiny of the lukewarm and those who spit upon Jesus will be the same.

    I doubt this scene will turn anyone away from Jesus… and the Holy Spirit just may use it toward the opposite ends…

    • Good observation, robstroud. The nominal agnostic may indeed find it unappealing; fence-sitting can be a heavy burden to bear ar times, no? Unfortunately, I don’t think that was the reaction the House of Cards writers were looking for. The unabashed atheist has no misgivings towards religion, except a deeply-rooted fear of the unknown…or the divine.

      Thanks for commenting and following my blog. 😊

  2. I agree wholeheartedly and have vowed to stop watching House of Cards. That being said, the character’s last name is Underwood, not Norwood.

  3. Love this article and glad I don’t watch this show. To me this is one more way for Hollyweird to “spit” in the faces of Christians

  4. The Christian community and our beliefs is fair game to the world. It is perfectly acceptable to mock and degrade our faith, but woe to any Christian who dares to express their beliefs openly. Then we are attacked and called intolerant, judgmental and bigoted…oh and let’s not forget ignorant. But, in reality, it is part of the persecution we face because we serve Christ…and the Word says we should not be surprised by this. I feel saddened that Kevin Spacey does not know who Jesus is. Otherwise he would know that “it is a dreadful thing to fall into the hands of the living God” . Most of all he is missing out on the most wonderful love he will ever experience.

  5. For once I actually have something to say in regards to a blog post.

    I googled “Kevin spacey Christian” as a result of the show. Your post is typical of what I’d expect from a Christian.

    Typical Hollywood is void of religion altogether. The good lord is likely happy he is highlighted in this show. (Sacrilegious or not)

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