Iran, Netanyahu, Congress and the nukes. ISIS, 150 kidnapped Christians, Italy’s Navy knocking at Libya’s door, and Putin’s advancing, Ukrainian conquest.

The world is in an immediate and dangerous, upheaval and sizzling to the core. Countries are scattering to hold onto their borders, others (like America) are losing theirs, and the entire world is holding its collective breath.

But…where is Hillary Clinton?

America’s former Secretary of State, Democratic frontrunner, and First Lady, who “probably” wants to be president in 2016, seems to have gone into deep ‘conscientious observer” status.

Why Hillary Clinton hasn’t been heard from for the last 2-months about these tumultuous events remains a mystery. Political candidates for the presidency usually have lots to say about foreign affairs and especially a former Secretary of State.

So, why is Hillary being so quiet and not offering her opinions on anything at all?

Here are a few possible reasons:

1. She’s busy rebranding herself. (Understandable)

2. She’s scanning through thousands of 5-year-old, State Dept., emails deciding which ones to delete. (Good campaign strategy and for keeping Benghazi investigator Trey Gowdy off her back.)

3. She’s checking her personal and her Foundation’s finances to see if she and ‘Slick Willie’ are still ‘dead broke.’

4. She’s supervising the burning of all the remaining flight logs for Jeffery Epstein’s sex jet, “The Lolita Express.”

5. She’s home crying and still having temper tantrums about her lousy book sales.

If none of those reasons sound practical, then maybe, in the least, we can consider this one: Hillary is disturbed by the world’s current events, is pissed off she decided to run for president and is looking for a fast and easy way out.

That’s not at all above the current, political realm considering all the chaos, damaging foreign policy, loss of control of the Senate and the public’s rapidly deteriorating trust of Obama and the Democratic Party’s leadership.

And it’s also very good strategy for not inheriting the global mess that is sure to be waiting for the next president.

Absolutely…no way. Don’t you bet on that ridiculous assumption no matter what some half-witted, political pundit or journalist tells you.

Hillary Clinton is running for president, and the only reason she is remaining so quiet is because she’s currently in a safe place and a stable holding pattern. There are also no democratic, presidential candidates on the horizon who could remotely give Hillary a challenge for the Democratic nomination.

Forget Elizabeth Warren – she’s only a show horse and one who can offer only theater prop for the Democratic primary and the race for the first female president.

There can only be one queen bee in American politics, and Hillary has that title sewn up and framed in gold bullion. Besides, Elizabeth Warren doesn’t have the chutzpah or the political skills necessary to challenge Hillary – or the killer instinct.

Hillary Clinton is simply, and wisely staying quiet while she plans the strategy for the biggest fight of her political life. It will be a fight that will either spell the end of Hillary’s impressive career or open up an explosive, new chapter.

Hillary Clinton also isn’t being quiet because she is worried about Benghazi, her Foundation’s questionable donations or even her husband’s reckless, philandering.

Hillary is remaining quiet because maybe she has finally learned that sometimes the smartest thing to say – is to say nothing at all.



Joseph E. Rathjen is a freelance writer and an Opinion Writer for 1World Online – America’s Fastest Growing Social Research Engine.

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