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Published By: 1World Online

Once again, President Obama has found a way to deceive the American public and prevent our military from fighting ISIS with ground troops in Syria and Iraq.

In his new draft resolution to Congress, Obama is looking for congressional approval that will PREVENT him from ordering American troops to attack and defeat ISIS in ground combat, except in a very limited and supportive role.

Oddly, Obama already has the power to order the use of unlimited, ground troops in Iraq, but now he wants Congress to take that power away.

Obama’s proposal leads us to only one conclusion: Obama is looking for an excuse to steer away from engaging ISIS directly with U.S. ground troops, and claim later that his hands have been tied by Congress.

How repulsive.

For the first time in American history, a president of the United States is asking Congress to pass a law that prevents him from protecting America’s allies and interests on foreign soil with the use of ground troops.

Could Obama’s intent be any clearer? Could the message to ISIS (that American troops will not engage in full-scale combat) be anymore defined?

Even more disturbing is Obama’s insistence that none of the Iraq/Syria air coalition attack ISIS’s ‘save haven’ in the Syrian province of ar-Raqquah, and limit its attacks to the outlying areas. Ar-Raqquah is ISIS’s headquarters and where tons of oil, fuel, weapons and military hardware are processed on a 24-hour basis.

Let’s fight ISIS, but we should not inflict any real, serious damage.

How else can Obama’s resolution and his other actions be interpreted?

Obama likes to put up a false facade in front of the American people. Obama knows all too well that the average, American citizen does not bother themselves with the important facts and day to day details of ISIS’s advancing and destructive war.

For Obama, ignorance is bliss, and Obama will use that innocent transgression as a tool to deceive the American public and the rest of the world.

Obama’s new, proposed resolution is not an escalation in the attempt to fight ISIS – it is a guarantee to Islam’s radical, terrorist army that the American military will not step in their way.


Joseph E. Rathjen is a freelance writer and an Opinion Writer at 1World Online – America’s Fastest Growing Social Research Engine


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