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Super Bowl parties – they’re great…aren’t they? Getting together with friends or relatives for the big game can be lots of fun and leave us with cherished memories. However, most of us have been to at least one Super Bowl party where we were hoping a certain guest would get thrown out the window because of their loud and obnoxious behavior.

Sound familiar?

Before you go TOO enthusiastically to a bar or someone’s home for the big game, here’s some tips you might want to go over (OR SHOW TO SOMEONE ELSE) so you can all have a great time!

How NOT To Act At A Super Bowl Party

1. Don’t Be A Mr. Know-It-All. We don’t care about every play that could have been called or every players stats for the last 10-ten-years. Leave that stuff for Monday morning quarterbacking.

2. Don’t stare at someone else’s wife…

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