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The NYC police don’t listen to Mayor Bill De Blasio anymore; they hate him and have turned their backs on him. The anti-cop, protesters have no respect for him either. Even when the embattled mayor asked activists to halt protests out of respect for 2 murdered cops they took to the streets in defiance hours later.

“The mayor says stop that…we say f**k that! the angry mob chanted at one point. “NYPD, KKK, how many kids have you killed today?” they shouted as they marched down 5th Avenue.

The Big Apple has reached a boiling point and it’s about to lava over. As the entire nation watches, Mayor De Blasio stands by and allows NYC to transform itself into a volcanic, racial-battleground.

De Blasio is helpless, and he is now for the immediate future, a first-term, lame duck mayor.

It’s all his fault – most New Yorkers are saying.

When De Blasio sided with the protesters and threw his police department under the bus, the mob took full advantage as peaceful protests became violent. They began to storm bridges, highways, and attack cops. While the NYPD did their best to show restraint, the protesters did their worst to remain civilized.

Although De Blasio has called for calm, the chaos has quickly escalated. Maybe that’s because it’s tough to reign in an angry mob after you have cheered them on and offered the city streets to them as their private playground.

Throw out some meat, and the wolves will come, right? It becomes tough for the zookeeper to control the zoo when the animals are hungry and have already enjoyed the taste of fresh blood.

Mayor De Blasio needs to get his house in order, and he needs to do it quickly. He needs to stop listening to race-baiters and provocateurs like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson. He also needs to mend his damaged relations with the NYPD.

Apologizing for characterizing NYC cops as dangerous criminals with guns that his own son should be afraid of would go a long way in regaining their respect.

“I’m sorry. My comments were offensive and wrong. I spoke out of context and emotion. I truly apologize.”

Is that so hard? Is it beneath the mayor of one of the biggest cities in America to offer an apology to the very same police department who protects his son and his entire family on a 24-hour basis?

Is it so hard for De Blasio to put his pride aside for a few moments to help heal and restore peace to the city he claims to love so much?

Mayor De Blasio owes a lot to the people of New York City. He doesn’t only represent the thousands who have been taking to the streets daily in protest. He is also responsible for the safety of the millions of other NYers who live and work there on a daily basis.

Most NYers are worried. They are afraid that more cops will get killed or maybe even one of their family members will fall victim to the madness that continues to grow.

Mayor De Blasio has come dangerously close to losing complete control of NYC. If he doesn’t act now, the problem will only get worse, and the city will become ground zero for the biggest, racial-bloodbath this country has ever seen.

Let’s hope not.



Joseph E. Rathjen is a freelance writer and an Opinion Writer at 1World Online – America’s Fastest Growing Social Research Engine.







8 thoughts on “NYC Mayor Bill De Blasio Has Lost Control Of The Big Apple

  1. I haven’t been following this whole episode in NYC, but I do know that the cops have gone out of control in many places in too many cases to count. From what you’re saying, the mayor made some comments to that effect. I’m not sure what he should have said or done to improve things, but he is supposed to be in control of the cops, right? The cops are supposed to be working for the PEOPLE, right? So I think things need to start with THAT. That they are SUPPOSED to be working for the PEOPLE and NOT the elites!

  2. The mayor is ALSO supposed to be working for the PEOPLE (and NOT the elites!). All too often they work for the elites who buy their support with their campaign contributions instead of the people who actually vote for them.

    • Well said, Capt Jill. In De Blasios’s case, he only works for half the people in NYC. “Red Diaper Bill” I like to refer to him as. He was conceived and raised by two card-carrying members of the Communist Party, so it’s no wonder he fancies himself as the “progressive and socialist prince” of the Big Apple.

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

      • That kind of thinking (red) really gets me going. I am all about freedom and liberty which it seems is always thrown out in the garbage whenever people start talking about progress, etc. I am getting more and more anti-authoritarian the more I have time to think about it all.

    • Right, Patty, lol. I cracked up when he passed that comment, and also when his advisor and counselor, race-baiter, Al Sharpton complained that he was getting death threats. My heart bleeds for them.

      Thanks for stopping by!

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