anti-cop police protest


Published By: 1World Online

NYS Governor Andrew Cuomo said in a radio interview this past Monday after the recent murders of 2 NYC police officers: “Sometimes with high emotion you stop hearing and processing. And I think that’s where we are now. It’s not productive; it’s potentially destructive.”

Those are perhaps the most sensible words any politician or anti-cop protestor has spoken since two NYC cops were executed while sitting peacefully in their police car on Saturday. They are also words that this entire country needs to ponder over before more cops or innocent civilians are murdered.

Whose lives matter more? Are black lives worth more than white lives? Are white lives worth more than black lives? Were the lives of a Chinese and a Hispanic cop worth any less than the others because they wore blue, and carried a badge and a gun?

Everyone has the right to protest, but when protests lead to acts of violence like looting, rioting, burning, assaults and now the murders of policemen everyone needs to take a giant, step backwards.

“What do we want? Dead cops!” When words like those are chanted at a supposedly peaceful protest, and then are acted upon by some nut, the intended, peaceful narrative becomes corrupted in translation.

When law and order is mocked or the abuse of it is used as an excuse to kill or extract revenge, the cries of “No Justice, No Peace” becomes nothing more than a war cry and an unjustified rebellion.

Murder solves nothing, and political and social chaos only fuels the growth of insanity.

Protests are good for society – they bring immediate attention to a problem that has been festering for too long. At other times, they are nothing more than a guise for lawlessness.

The anti-cop protestors need to take a pause and regroup and take stock in what their protests have led up to. The politicians who have been hanging police officers out to dry need to reaffirm their responsibility in helping to maintain a lawful society.

There can be no other way.

Once we start killing cops, we become nothing more than a sick society that doesn’t deserve the democracy and freedom that so many of us have learned to take for granted.



Joseph E. Rathjen is a freelance writer and an Opinion Writer at 1World Online – America’s Fastest Growing Social Research Engine


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