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Get ready folks, the politically correct police are on the march again, and they are heading to a school near you.

In Lincoln, Nebraska, teachers are being told to stop calling students boys and girls, but instead to refer to them as “Purple Penguins.” DNA and biological makeup doesn’t matter, they say, gender inclusiveness must come first – no matter what it says on a child’s birth certificate.

The boy is not a boy, and the girl is not a girl, they are – whatever they want to identify themselves as being.

How’s that for a classic case of mis-identity?

It boggles the mind that advocates of social re-engineering think that it is okay to contort and manipulate the minds of young children. They are trying to do this by redefining gender identity and distorting biology to promote transgendered as an ordinary existence.

It is also about pushing the agenda of a group called the Gender Spectrum.  The group claims that their mission is to “provide education, training and support to help create a gender-sensitive and inclusive environment for children of all ages.”

In other words, they are trying to make a more comfortable and tolerant environment for transgendered students in the classroom. They feel it is okay to do this by stripping away the biological and gender identities of the other “boys and girls.”

You know – the ones that “Mother Nature” told us are either male or female.

Sounds wonderful, teaching children to respect the diverse, gender identity of others, but at what cost?

The cost will be severe.

If school districts continue to spread this extreme doctrine on our children, a dangerous and insane, re-conditioning of society will begin to develop. Attributes of the male and female anatomy will be viewed as obsolete.

Children will become confused about where their own physical and mental identity lies.

By teaching children to ignore specific characteristics and biological markers of others around them, they will be paving the way for a new generation that views the human body and its features as a mental characteristic rather than a physical one.

Although that is exactly what the Gender Spectrum is trying to achieve, it will cause more problems than the one it is trying to solve.

Take away the word boy or girl and replace them with the term, “Purple Penguins,” or any other, you will confuse children even more. Plus, by referring to them as an animal or with some other label, you take away their natural, existing identity.

Is that fair?

Not everyone understands the problems that transgendered children have or even transgendered adults. But the advocates of transgendered should not expect the rest of society, and especially our children, to share that burden with them by compromising their identities.

Asking for tolerance is honorable, but to ask someone or a large group of people to give up their own recognized identity for the sake of another, is a selfish act in itself. If one cannot be comfortable in their own skin when they are around others, how can they expect others to be comfortable around them?

Anyone who believes that if you slap a new label on something, that it will appear physically different or become more accepted than it was before, is delusional at best.

Cheers to the Gender Spectrum for trying to find a solution to an obvious problem. But trying to mask the obvious by calling it something else has never worked and never will.

Sometimes, progressive liberalism and political correctness needs to take a backseat, and this is one of those times.

How does that saying go…”You can’t fool Mother Nature!”



Joseph E. Rathjen is a freelance writer and an Opinion Writer at 1World Online – America’s Fastest Growing Research Engine

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