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The activist groups calling for NFL Commissioner, Roger Goodell’s resignation, over the handling of the Ray Rice incident, seem to have only one goal in mind – which is to hang an innocent and powerful man for the actions of a guilty one.

For some people, it’s fun to spread the blame around, and target someone who holds such a prominent and powerful position. Why take only one star athlete out, when you can force the top dog and half his staff to lose their jobs also?

Misery loves company, and when the scalp-hunters on social media begin to stalk for fresh meat, no one is safe, even the innocent. The more they can scalp, the more hide they get for their buck.

How easy it is these days to be declared guilty by association.

Some people and advocacy groups are trying to make Roger Goodell the new poster boy for domestic violence by players inside the NFL. But is it fair that Roger Goodell should lose his job because a few of his best athletes can’t keep their hands off their wives or children?

It may be fair to question the NFL’s policies on follow-up investigations and even the manner in which Goodell conducted the Ray Rice inquiry. Women’s rights groups also have the right to demand that the NFL do more to address the problem of domestic violence by players inside the NFL.

What they don’t have the right to do though, is to insist when someone has to resign or get fired.

Personally, I don’t like the way some other organizations conduct their investigations and make decisions. One of those is the mainstream news media. How many times do we get only half the story and find out later that pertinent information was left out or ignored by investigative journalists while it is being reported to the public?

It is ironic how the news media is now butchering Goodell’s reputation. How many videos do they ignore and fail to show to the public when it doesn’t fit in with their biased, narratives?

Transparency and an extensive search for the truth is a wonderful thing, but when it starts to become misdirected and abused, it needs to be curtailed.

There are only 32-men who have the legal power to force Roger Goodell to resign, which is all the teams’ owners, and from what they are saying, Roger Goodell isn’t going anywhere.

The people who are foaming at the mouth for Goodell’s throat will do better if they try to work with him, and help him institute new policies that more effectively deal with the domestic abuse problem inside the league.

That’s what intelligent people do when there is a problem. They don’t jump on their witch brooms and start hunting through the evil forest.

Throwing up the hangman’s noose, gathering the wood at the stake, or hoisting up the cross for free, public crucifixions helps no one.

Save the crucifixions for the real criminals, like the abusers themselves who think it’s okay to hurt women and children.


Joseph E. Rathjen is a freelance writer and an Opinion Writer at 1World Online – America’s Fastest Growing Social Research Engine.

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3 thoughts on “The Call For Roger Goodell’s Resignation Is Nothing But A Witch Hunt

  1. Liberal busybodies can never mind their own business… which in good part is criticizing everyone’s ‘business’. This is the NFL’s problem, not the worlds. But I expect our idiots in Congress will find the need to ‘investigate’.

    • RightPunditry, you’re absolutely right. Every liberal I know sits home all day, collects entitlement benefits, and blames Conservatives, Catholics and high-wage earners for everything that is wrong in America. They ignore the immediate threats and prioritize the menial ones. It’s how it makes them feel productive and covers their lazy asses. 😀

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