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ISIS, ISIL, IS or whatever this low-life, scum of the Earth group is now calling themselves, has officially declared war on America. They did this blatantly in a video on social media when they beheaded journalist, James Foley, and threatened to do so again unless President Obama ends the bombing of ISIS targets in Iraq.

To which most Americans would like to say – GO AHEAD – YOU WANT A WAR – WE’LL GIVE YOU ONE!

This issue is not about politics anymore, or getting involved in an overseas conflict in which we have no interest. It is about protecting American citizens and punishing radical, extremists who declare war on innocent Americans and others who follow a specific, religious belief.

This is also about keeping a dangerous terrorist group from growing stronger and spreading their horrific wrath of evil on America and the rest of the world.

ISIS is a radical, extremist, Muslim group with ties to the Muslim Brotherhood who has total disregard for the value of human life. They are nothing more than narcissistic, psychopaths who rape, enslave, and mutilate men, women and children who refuse to succumb to their sickening Caliphate and Sharia Law.

They have no political ideology or understanding of humanity. They are simply, barbarians cast from a dark age where death and destruction from the depths of hell is the only thing left behind in their treacherous path.

ISIS is a rapidly progressing infection on society, a perversion of the civilized world and one which must be eradicated immediately, and at all costs.

Why ISIS has been allowed to progress this far has left many people scratching their heads. Most, however, blame the inadequacies and the cowardice of the Iraqi army, a failed, American foreign policy and the failure of the Kurdish military to stop ISIS from advancing into Northern Iraq.

No matter what the reason though, it is time to stop pointing the finger and act aggressively. If doing so means stepping up the airstrikes on ISIS, putting more boots on the ground or even having Congress declare an “act of war” on ISIS then that is what must ensue.

If America does not destroy ISIS quickly, or if we only succeed in inflicting minor damage on ISIS, they will come back stronger and inevitably be knocking at our front door.

ISIS suicide bombers and sleeper cells are reportedly spreading throughout the world rapidly. They are training in Iraq and being sent back to their countries with specific instructions on how to attack western culture and civilization.

President Obama, Congress and the rest of America can no longer turn a blind eye and be the great pacifist and isolationist that offers its people a false sense of security.

In addition, European countries like Spain and France need to stop paying ransoms to ISIS (reportedly $125 million in the last few years) for the release of ISIS hostages.

Negotiating with or running from such savagery will only result in America’s destruction and allow chaos to run rampant throughout the world.

The war with ISIS has already come to America.

It is time to start dealing with it and show no mercy.



Joseph E. Rathjen is a freelance writer and Opinion Writer at 1World Online – America’s Fastest Growing Social Research Engine.

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6 thoughts on “ISIS Declares War On America – So Let’s Give Them One!

  1. I absolutely hate to admit this publicly, but I do not watch the news as it’s negative and nothing more than “Here’s who’s dead.” Up until this afternoon, I had no idea who or what ISIS was. I am totally anti-violence, however, this group HAS to be stopped. As each minute passes, they grow stronger in numbers and ammunition. I asked my girlfriend whose husband is in the ARMY, where is the safest place to be in the US right now? She said they are already here and no where is safe. I’m giving some serious thought to getting my passport tomorrow and taking that trip to Australia that’s been on my bucket list for years a bit early. Never have I been as scared as I am right now. Such unnecessary violence, and for what? To prove who’s stronger? To prove who’s more powerful. I don’t like anything negative, but I wholeheartedly agree with this post. Now, how do we do it? I’m terrified of guns, but for my own safety and that of my son, my boyfriend is going to teach me how to shoot. How sad is that? I want to live in a world where my grandchildren grow up asking “What was war?” Do you think it’s possible? I hope and pray that it is. Thank you for the post!! I’m going to reblog it. Hope you don’t mind.


      • Are you kidding? Thank you for the info! I have been completely ignorant up until today. By choice of course. I don’t like to hear all the negativity. I feel that thoughts become things. If I’m thinking of something negative, I’m giving it energy. ISIS doesn’t need ANY more energy! However, I don’t want to be clueless if and when something should happen, so now I want to be as educated as I can be while maintaining a safe distance and not giving them my energy. You stay safe as well!!

  2. Reblogged this on FlippyZipFlop and commented:
    Up until late this morning, I was completely ignorant to ISIS as I don’t watch the news (it’s too negative). Well, I guess this is the price I pay… I do not condone violence at ALL, but couldn’t agree with this post more.

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