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The “No Justice – No Peace” narrative in Ferguson, Missouri has become more than a national rally cry for the war on racial injustice. It has also become a dangerous precedent for the due process of law, and one that is being driven solely by the mentality of a mob seeking vindication for the death of Michael Brown at the hands of a white police officer.

As we watch race-baiters and commentators on CNN and other news programs fuel the NJ-NP narrative, we have to wonder where the future of race relations in America is heading. Has the shooting of one unarmed, black man set the wheels in motion for what Spike Lee referred to in a CNN interview this week, as an “uprising?

When Spike Lee said,”And I hope that things will really blowup, if the people aren’t happy with the verdict of this upcoming trial,” was he blatantly promoting a race war on national T.V.?

Although some folks may view Lee’s comments as harmless rhetoric, others like young, black men may use it as an excuse or encouragement to go out to loot and riot if they don’t like the legal verdict.

When celebrities like Spike Lee declare, “There is a war on the black male, and it’s tearing the country apart, in my opinion,” does he understand the hostilities that his words will seed into the minds of young, black men across the country?

Such comments like Lee’s only prove where some racial problems come from, and who are the true agitators of racial tensions in America.

The Prosecutor

Demanding that white prosecutor, Bob McCulloch step down from this racially-charged investigation because he has friends in the police department shows total ignorance of the law.

Do the attorneys for Michael Brown’s family know any prosecutors who don’t have friends in the police department? Don’t those attorneys themselves have many friends who are cops? Cops and prosecutors associate together everyday inside and outside of courtrooms. They simply, cannot enforce crime and try cases without a personal and working relationship with each other.

It is ironic that the Brown family’s attorneys don’t like the fact that McCulloch’s policeman father was killed by a black man fifty-years ago. Are they afraid that the pain of losing a loved one in a violent act is still festering inside of McCulloch?

Are they afraid that he will use that pain to extract revenge? That is a blatant and unsubstantiated indictment leveled at a public official that has served his community well for the last 23-years as a St. Louis County prosecutor.

Obviously, the excuse is just another attempt to sway the scales of justice and force a rush to judgement.

Surely, in this case, nothing less than a black prosecutor with a winning history against law enforcement will suffice for the Brown family and others in the black community.

In the Michael Brown case, supporters want one thing and one thing only – a murder conviction. Manslaughter, or any other lesser charge will not be acceptable and will inevitably lead to more looting and rioting.

Nevertheless, the process of justice must be allowed to proceed accordingly.

No Justice – No Peace.

That is, as long as provocateurs like Spike Lee have their way.



Joseph E. Rathjen is a freelance writer and an Opinion Writer at 1World Online – America’s Fastest Growing Social Research Engine.

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3 thoughts on ““No Justice – No Peace” Narrative In Ferguson, Missouri Is A Rush To Judgement

  1. The “no peace no justice” crowd, don’t want peace or justice done… simply their biased well of the ‘myth’ they’re concocted in their own minds. I believe most of these people are racist themselves, who (secretly) dislike being black and blame “white privilege” for their own wrong attitudes in life. Fools like Obama, Holder, Lee and many others simply fuel the fires for their own agenda.

    • Well said, RP. Some people soak up white on black crime like a ten-year-old, dry sponge. Their attack on “white privilege” is an attack on their own failure and inadequacies. I’m currently doing a lot of research on papers that have been written by scholars about the subject. Watch for it soon.

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