The fate of humanity is in serious trouble, and the battle for its survival lies in the desert sands of Northern Iraq. How America and the rest of the world responds to its fate by dealing with ISIS and the Muslim Brotherhood will determine the future of all mankind.

Either ISIS and the Muslim Brotherhood is crushed now or the world will be cast into a fiery, hell like no man has ever seen before. Genocide, murder, rape, the enslavement of women, and the total consumption of the Middle East and the rest of the civilized world will be inevitable and launch it into one of the darkest periods of history.

The intent of ISIS is to destroy all religions that do not observe the teachings of Muhammed, who they believe is Islam’s last prophet and messenger of God. They also intend to remove all existing borders in the Middle East and create one large state or Caliphate, which will act as a centralized terror base to attack the west.

ISIS is part of the Muslim Brotherhood, who itself is quietly spreading the seed of jihad throughout the United States. Organizations like CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations) are planting the foundations for a western, Muslim uprising by infiltrating American politics.

They are also planning to use the United States Constitution’s law of religious freedom to impose their savage, Sharia Law on America’s legal system.

In Iraq, ISIS is beheading children, raping and enslaving women. They are putting their heads on sticks and displaying them as trophies for the entire world to see. As they enslave their mothers and kill their fathers, they are also teaching their children to hate America and cause its destruction.

Americans need to wake up.

Politicians in Congress need to act now and prevent Sharia Law from being instituted into American law as an expression of religious freedom.

Murder, rape, sodomy and pedophilia are not religious expressions as Sharia Law claims they are. They are crimes against humanity, and a sickening interpretation of religious freedom.

It is sad that it has taken the recent crisis in Iraq to bring worldwide attention to the genocidal intentions of radical, Muslim, extremism. It is also unfortunate that the peaceful side of Islam and its followers are too scared or weak to speak out against its atrocities.

There always comes a time in history when countries have to set aside their political differences and act together to stop an evil force that is far greater than their own.

The crisis in Iraq is one of those times.

When Adolf Hitler came to power and caused the extermination of millions of Jews, thankfully, the world did come together and stop the genocide.

It must also do so now.

America and the rest of the world cannot afford to sit back and be complacent with stopping ISIS in Northern Iraq. It must also stop the destructive, deep and underlying ideology that drives the radical, Muslim Brotherhood, and the one that is currently running amok throughout Europe and is festering behind political movements in America.

Religious freedom should not be an excuse to murder, rape and enslave other religions and promote genocidal, extinction.

If the world allows it to be used in such a way than the fate of humanity can only be entrusted into the hands of God himself.

And if that happens, God’s mercy may not be as forgiving as we all hope it will be.


Joseph E. Rathjen is a freelance writer and an Opinion Writer at 1World Online – The International Community’s Fastest Growing Research Engine.

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2 thoughts on “Why the Fate of Humanity Rests On the Destruction of ISIS and the Muslim Brotherhood.

  1. If only the average American would wake up.

    I don’t think all this would be happening in the ‘greatest generation’ of WWII.

    We’ve become too complacent.

    Keep up the good work!


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