It happens every day on network and cable TV news shows – opinionated news anchors who twist the truth, ignore the obvious and try to convince us all that some religious, extremist group like Hamas is the innocent victim in the latest terror war.

No more is this readily apparent than in the crisis in Israel and the Gaza Strip, where the death toll of innocent, Palestinian citizens continues to mount on a daily basis.

“Is the death of a 1,000 innocent, Palestinian citizens really worth this war?” One CNN news anchor asked a guest commentator, recently. “Is it fair?” A question like that one is based not only in ignorance, but also one that is designed to assign blame at Israel.

Why don’t they ever ask that question to the terror group Hamas – who initiated the war in the first place?

The ignorance and partisanship of news anchors and guest commentators are astounding. It is almost as if they have voluntarily agreed to become media instruments of Hamas, and other terror groups and their propaganda machines.

Terrorist organizations like Hamas prey on the death of their own innocent civilians. They use it to proclaim victory and label Israel as barbarians who delight in the slaughter of defenseless men, women and children. They setup their own civilians like ducks in a pond – unwilling targets whose murder is inevitable and prime time for 24-hour, news coverage.

And the news media outlets like CNN suck it all up like a dry sponge.

Hamas does this by launching rocket attacks from inside residential neighborhoods, and stockpiling weapons in schools and hospitals where the injured lay wounded and dying. They also do this by building hundreds of miles of tunnels that pass directly under those structures.

They shoot off missiles from hospital rooftops and playgrounds where children play.

And the new media supplies the tears, and the “Oh my God’s,” when their rockets go astray and kill their own people.

Collateral damage? Not really. It is all window dressing and live, theater propping for the big show.

It is amusing how the news media compares the death toll of innocent civilians between the two sides. “1,060-deaths of Palestinian civilians compared to only 4 Israeli citizens.” They do this as if to say that the numbers don’t add up and that it is not fair that one side has more casualties than the other.

It reminds me of how my kid sister would react when she saw that I had more plastic infantry tokens scattered across the game board “Risk.”

At the same time, the news media ignores how many rockets were intentionally launched by Hamas (over 2,000 under the cover of Palestinian civilian cover) into Israeli neighborhoods that were intent on killing and maiming many innocent, Israeli civilians.

Fortunately for the Israelis, their Iron Dome defenses prevented those casualties.

But that’s not fair, right?

That’s war, even though CNN and many other news organizations seem to be ignoring that fact. When did news organizations like CNN, CBS and others get the idea that the death toll of soldiers and civilians are supposed to be a fair, balancing act?

You killed more than they did today – not fair – you’re cheating!

It is absurd how when the terrorist aggressor starts losing the war that the news media declares that the fighting must end. Cries for restraint, cease-fires and humanitarian pauses fly out of the United Nations and news anchor desks as tokens of sympathy for Hamas.

Even President Obama said last week, “There has been enough damage done.”

That was very nice of Obama to give his ally’s enemy a sympathy hug.

Some people foolishly believe that one can click the “pause” button on a war. Let’s have a bathroom break and give Hamas more time to restock their weapons, rebuild their tunnels, and plan more terroristic acts.

It almost appears as if the news media organizations are not happy that Hamas is losing the war that they initiated. But that’s okay; they can still help Hamas win the propaganda part of the war by promoting their pity party on a 24-hour basis.

While the news organizations cry about the innocent deaths of Palestinians, they ignore the current persecution and genocide of thousands of Christians in the Middle East and the rest of Europe.

And what is the reason for that?

News organizations like CNN, MSNBC and CBS love to pick sides and castoff one religious group as authentic while labeling the other one as a fraud. They also like to discount the horrendous, savagery and beheading practices of Muslim terror groups like ISIS and Boko Haram as being jihadists who are bravely fighting a holy war.

Oh, that’s okay – they’re only killing Christians. No one cares about them!

The fighting and the victories of terror groups like Hamas, Hezbollah and ISIS will never stop if news organizations continue to give them the sympathy coverage they are seeking – or if Israel finally wipes one of them out.

Instead, they should be treating them as they are – terrorists and murderers who don’t deserve the sympathy a veterinarian gives to a rabid dog.


Joseph E. Rathjen is a freelance writer and an Opinion Writer at 1World Online – America’s Fastest Growing Social Research Engine.

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