Some bloggers cannot seem to stop suffocating everyone with multiple blog posts on a daily basis. We appreciate their enthusiasm and their content, but we are not 100 percent committed to reading the endless amount of posts from them that flood into our inboxes every day.

When you follow hundreds, and even thousands of blogs, it only takes a few of these sites that use this tactic to overload and make your daily email reviewing a tiresome, and time-consuming burden. It also forces you to become uninterested in what those sites are posting and to delete them off your daily email notifications.

I sometimes feel guilty when I have to do that; I follow lots of blogs and most of them have very interesting and useful content. I cannot, however, read every post from all of them that comes into my inbox 7 days per-week.

If I tried to, I would lose my job, lose my friends and go completely insane.

Blog post overload – it can be a serious dilemma and extremely hazardous to one’s health.

I often wonder how some people can produce so many blog posts in one day. I usually spend a few hours or more on a blog post to get it as perfect as possible. Word flow, style, grammar, research and imagery usually takes up a significant amount of time to produce a quality post.

I am not trying to say that daily, multiple postings do not consist of good quality, but having to choose from so many to read may cause everyone to miss out on that one truly, exceptional post that could skyrocket a blogger’s career.

And it could also be the one that truly enlightens us all.

Too many bloggers (especially beginning-bloggers) make the mistake of thinking that a high-quantity of postings each day will attract more readership and more followers. On the contrary, exactly the opposite is true.

Too many posts will scare your readership away and cause them to search for content elsewhere.

Sometimes, when I look at my email app on my iPhone, I shake my head in bewilderment – when I see that it lists 4,263-email messages.

How can that be? I only belong to about 1, 202 blogs, but as soon I start scrolling down my inbox list, I quickly realize why.

A blog named (a fictitious blog name) “Lucy C’s Ramblings” is at top and has sent 13 posts into my inbox, and all in one hour. Then when I scroll down further, I see that Lucy sent me 15 posts earlier that morning.

And she’s not the only one. “John’s Post-9/11 Conspiracy Theories Blog” (a fictitious blog name) has sent me 22 new posts and 5 reblogs from someone else’s blog, as well as 6 article excerpts and links to 5 different newswire services.

How could I possibly read all of those?

Of course, no one is saying that you are expected to read so many posts in one day, but to be presented with so many posts from one source is an instant turnoff and a temptation to hit the delete button quickly.

I know I am sticking my neck out here, may lose some followers, and voicing an opinion that a lot of other people in the blogging community will only mutter to themselves.

But that’s what I do – I put myself out there and lean closer to the edge.

In summary, one good blog post is better than 20 mediocre ones. If you want people to enjoy your posts, then do not overload them with so much material every day.

Trying to make people think that you are the only blogger investing a lot of time into blog posting is not going to make them ignore all the others. It will also not put you on the top of their daily reader list.

Like everything else in life – quality is appreciated more than quantity, and will always leave a far-greater, lasting-impression.


Joseph E. Rathjen is a freelance writer and an Opinion Writer at 1World Online – America’s Fastest Growing Research Engine.

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16 thoughts on “I Love Your New Blog Posts – But Not 50 Of Them Every Day!

  1. [ Laughs ] Please tell me that you are exaggerating by using 50 as a number.

    50 posts a day, is a ridiculous number; however, you sunk in the point rather well.

    Do enjoy the rest of your evening.

  2. I do agree with you. I can’t even manage to read all the posts in my Reader every day. I don’t get them sent to my email or I’m afraid I’d end up doing the same as I do with other things I get too many of and delete without even looking.
    I do admire the energy of multi post a day bloggers and wonder how they manage. It takes me ages just to write one post.

  3. Couldn’t agree with you more Joseph.
    My Reader was constantly barraged with posts from one particular blogger, like 5 to 10 every hour, every day! I kid you not! I was tolerating it for a while, hoping that he’d stop soon. But, nope, he kept coming and more and more I felt like I was being assaulted – if that’s even possible! Anyway, long story short, I struck him off of my following list, without much qualms I might add.
    Interestingly enough, his is a popular blog, with 30-something Thousand followers. So it’s unlikely he’d miss me… LOL!

  4. I’ve had to “unfollow” some people because they fill up my reader. Sad thing is …I really like what they had to say…in moderation.

  5. Great article as usual — as you’ve said — it’s about quality, not quantity – and I’d rather read a few great posts – than be bombarded by lots of fluff.

    And, yeah, I appreciate it that you stick out your neck!

    As a last thought, I couldn’t fathom following a 1000+ blogs etc. Hell, I try to limit myself to a reasonable 50 or so.

    I guess, like anything else, it’s about striking a balance.

    Actually, as an idea, perhaps someone, like you, would maybe post about some of their favorite content on the net —- often when I’m searching for quality writing and content, I come up with “duds.”
    Lots of entertainment fluff, but no stimulating content. 😦

  6. OK, so I don’t “get it”. I don’t believe anyone ever asks nor advertises for “Followers” (personally, I don’t ‘Follow’ by personal choice. No offense intended to anyone) So, how would anyone’s ‘over posting’ (as you put it), be the Bloggers fault or responsible, for one’s annoyed reaction? I’d simply suggest anyone Unfollow, if it’s so annoying . . . since he made the choice in the first place. Again, my Postings are for myself; my personal enjoyment, recreation, or venting — and never do I expect, much less require, anyone to read or Follow. So, shouldn’t anyone be able to, post 50 a day, if they so chose? I’m assuming we all know how to Unfollow as well?
    I do occasionally read & comment on others Post of personal interest, but usually just when time allows. I don’t mean to be offensive — just stating the obvious.

  7. Such a good point. For me, I am not a fan of the loooooooong posts. Whew! I watch that ticker on the side and if I have read a lot and that marker is not moving….I’m done. I only post one pic a day, if that, of my animals. Sure, I think they’re cute/funny/adorable but you might (gasp!) not agree with me. 🙂

  8. Hilarious and insightful. I’ll be sure to keep my daily blog posts to a cool 40 or so. 🙂 I know you’re serious in this article, BUT, who’s got time for that? My goodness… between my 18 roles as a human, I hardly have time to get one blog up per day.

    And, you’ve seen my punctuation and grammar skills–I’d be up for days trying to guess where the comma goes in all those posts.

    Looking forward to reading more from you. I cross my heart, you’ll never be overwhelmed with emails from me in regard to new posts. Hahaha…


  9. I believe the theory may be that if they post 50 a day, you will read 50 and that will mean 50 hits for them rather than the one they would get for a longer post. It is a matter of stats pride. I totally agree with you. Annoying. I haven’t come across any of these blogs but if I did, I would unfollow.

    Thanks for reading and liking my blog. I’ll take an oath–no more than one blog a day unless there are unusual circumstances. Like Robin Williams’ death….Judy

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