I love it when bigshot politicians try to make us believe that they are just like the rest of us. They stand in front of the TV cameras, cast a forlorn expression on their face, and tell us that they all know how it is to become poor or down and out. Take for instance, Hillary Clinton’s latest claim to Diane Sawyer, in a CNN interview recently, that when she and Bill Clinton left the White House in the year 2000, that they were “dead broke.”

“You have no reason to remember, but we came out of the White House not only dead broke, but in debt.”

Jaws have been dropping all across America this week after that statement, which has left Hillary Clinton herself trying quickly to scramble to undo the political damage.

Dead broke? Is there really such a thing as a slinky, conniving politician becoming dead broke?

I know Hillary, and the rest of the Washington, D.C. élite try to convince us all that they know exactly what we are going through.

They claim to understand what it is like when we lose our jobs and find ourselves standing in the unemployment office or at the local food pantry. They feel the frustration that we feel, they hear the growl in our stomachs, and they hear the cries of our children as the local sheriff evicts us from our foreclosed, homes.

And that’s because they have all been there.

A politician’s sympathy pains are astounding, aren’t they? It is almost as if their heart bleeds along our very own. When we suffer, they suffer. When we cry, they cry, and are always there ready to help us wipe away the tears.

That is until they get home, park their Bentley into their 3-car garages and walk up the marble-laden steps to their $2 million mansions.

“Don’t worry.” They say. “See, the pain does go away.”

So, what exactly is dead broke?

I think Hillary Clinton needs a lesson here on what dead broke is to us and what it is to her. She might find this shocking though, because where she comes from reality does not hit quite as hard as it does where we live.

I hope Hillary Clinton reads this article because it might enlighten her to what her constituents go through on a daily basis when they find themselves in the same financial quandary she and Bill had to suffer through while living in the White House.

Maybe she’ll get it, and maybe she won’t, but in the least she may come to realize that her version of “dead broke” is far different than ours. Maybe she should choose her words more carefully the next time she wants America to cry for her and Bill on the tree of woe.

Dead Broke To The Average American Citizen

1. The Electric Gets Shut Off. This is something that usually does not happen at The White House, and for some strange reason (and we can’t figure out why) the bill always gets paid. That’s even when the people who are living there are dead broke.

2. The Car Gets Repossessed. At the White House, there are plenty of backup vehicles for use. So even if the presidential limousine is three-months behind on its payments, no one can get anywhere near it because the Secret Service will shoot dead the repo man. Pretty cool, huh?

3. The House Phones, The Cable And The Cell Phones Accounts Are Suspended. In the White House, when the tenants are dead broke, NASA and the NSA swing into action and seize other people’s cell phone and WiFi signals and redirect them to the dead broke people’s phones. Also, by positioning the satellites just right, they can even show the dead broke people all the lousy text messages that other people are writing about them. This keeps them busy while they are worrying about their financial futures.

4. The Heat Gets Shut Off. It is tough not being able to pay the oil bill in the White House when people there are dead broke. But that’s okay, because the CEO of Exxon is a golf buddy of the dead broke people. He can always convince one of his buddies who drive an oil delivery truck to swing by and dump off some free oil.

5. A Sheriff’s 7-Day Eviction Notice Gets Slapped On The Door. This usually means immediate trouble to the average person. In the White House though, there are secret, underground tunnels that lead to other places where the dead broke people can go to and hideout in for years. Plus, if they hideout long enough, they can wait until the sheriff dies and make believe he never came at all.

6. Their Medical Insurance Gets Cancelled. That spells disaster for an ordinary person and their children. But in the White House, the Surgeon General comes once a week for lunch and usually has a prescription pad in his pocket. Getting prescriptions written or having surgery on the fly is never a problem. Even the dead broke people in the White House can get a vasectomy, or blood clot removed a lot quicker than the average war veteran.

7. There Is No More Weekly Paycheck. When people are dead broke, it is usually because they have no more weekly paycheck. In the White House, however, the president can be dead broke and still receive his $200,000 per-year salary. Well, on Thursdays anyway, when he gets his $3, 846 paychecks (before taxes.) During the rest of the week he is still dead broke, right?

We could go on and on about the differences of what dead broke is to Hillary Clinton and what it is to the average, hard-working citizen, but does it matter?

Does it mean anything that a powerful political couple can live for free for eight years, travel around the world, be wined and dined and have their every whim and want catered to, and still consider themselves dead broke?

You’re damn right it does.

What it means is that no matter how much they try to convince the average American that they are like us – they are not.

Dead broke does not apply to people who buy a five-bedroom home for $1.7 million in one state, and then a year later another home for $2.85 million while they were claiming they were dead broke. And especially when they put $855,000 upfront as a down payment.

That is a serious amount of cash for two people who say they hit rock bottom and were financially destitute. Whether or not it was loaned to them is not an issue, because they still had the money in their pockets.

Hillary Clinton needs to amend her statement. She needs to admit to the American people that she made a serious mistake and eroded the country’s trust in her. After all, if she wants to run for President of the United States, and get back into that house that she was dead broke in, she needs to come clean and offer a better explanation to the people who put her and her husband there in the first place.

It is not about politics; it is about trust.

And trust is something that this country needs a lot of at the moment.


Joseph E. Rathjen is a freelance writer and an Opinion Writer at 1World Online – America’s Fastest Growing Research Engine.






5 thoughts on ““Dead Broke” Hillary Clinton Needs A Reality Check

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  2. I think this is true of most politicians. Once they enter that world they don’t live like the rest of us and soon they forget what it’s like to worry how you will pay the bills. I often think that politicians should try catching public transport to work every day. They would hear the conversations of ordinary people and it might remind them while they are in their Ivory Towers that it’s different for the rest of us.

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