When President Obama ordered the release of 5 of the most dangerous detainees in Guantanamo Bay for the release of alleged, Army deserter, Bowe Bergdahl, he crossed over a redline that has existed in this country since 9/11, and one that has always steadfastly proclaimed – America will never negotiate with terrorists.

While some people argue that America has indeed swapped prisoners before in exchange for the release of captured, American soldiers, what they fail to recognize is that Bowe Bergdahl has been used as a bargaining chip for more than a simple, prisoner exchange swap.

Bowe Bergdahl is now the catalyst for accomplishing what Barack Obama has been desperately trying to do for years – closing down Guantanamo Bay and freeing all of its prisoners.

Chalk one up to Obama for having the savvy to hold back the rest of Gitmo’s terrorist detainees for future, terrorist prisoner swaps – instead of releasing the entire prison at once. Congress may not let Obama close Guantanamo Bay, but Obama has found another way to free its prisoners and shut its doors forever.

What Obama has cleverly done is to set down the rules of the game. He has taught the Taliban and other terrorist organizations that if you want to beat America, you have to let the devil himself broker the deal.

As long as you have an American soldier held hostage, you can make an offer and will probably get what you want, and maybe even more.

Obama’s proclamation that “no soldier is ever left behind,” and that enemy combatants should never be detained indefinitely is how he has brilliantly manipulated the game board.

Obama has theorized that by negotiating the release of an American prisoner of war, that the heavy price paid for his release would be easily accepted by the American public. Plus, by making the trade during the height of a Veterans Administration scandal, Obama would take some of the heat off himself and the rest of an inept government bureaucracy that cannot find the time to medically treat its retired soldiers in a timely fashion.

It is ironic that Obama would use Bergdahl’s medical condition as an excuse to negotiate his immediate release. Maybe if Obama had showed such resiliency towards the VA’s incompetence in the past few years more American veterans could get the urgent medical treatment they so desperately need.

This is not the first time Obama has punched his way out of one paper bag on fire into another. Bergdahl is now being accused of being a deserter by every soldier in the U.S. Army who has ever served with him. Obama is now being accused of breaking a congressional law and putting every American soldier in harm’s way.

Only a week ago, Obama told the West Point Military Academy cadets that military force is not always the best solution. Perhaps that was Obama’s excuse for trying to win support of the military for his “Let’s Make A Deal” campaign with the Taliban.

5 Taliban generals for one American soldier is a whooping trade for the Taliban, but a bad deal for the United States. It has made America appear weak and subservient to a fanatical, Muslim army that will stop at nothing to destroy our country. It also makes the possibility of future kidnappings of American soldiers a very real, possibility.

Obama has handed the Taliban and other terrorists a major victory. It admits America’s impending defeat and tells our enemies that they can trump our resolve and break our convictions.

Obama has made our strengths appear shallow and meaningless, and one that has been broken and suckered into a one-sided deal that will surely have disastrous, consequences.

While those five, high-level Taliban terrorists are basking in the sun and being pampered over in Qatar, 6 American families who lost their loved ones, who were trying to rescue Bowe Bergdahl, suffer alone and wonder why Bergdahl’s father is sending sympathetic, Twitter tweets to the Taliban – instead of to them.

Yes, the redline holding back terror has been crossed over, and if Barack Obama has his way – it will be crossed over again until all the detainees in Guantanamo prison are free.

Hopefully, the outcry from the American public can stop this travesty in its tracks, and keep the Taliban and all the other world terrorists at bay.


Joseph E. Rathjen is a freelance writer and an Opinion Writer at 1World Online – America’s Fastest Growing Social Research Engine.

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2 thoughts on “Obama And The Taliban – Crossing Over The Redline Of Terror

  1. “Hopefully, the outcry from the American public can stop this travesty in its tracks, and keep the Taliban and all the other world terrorists at bay.”

    Yeah, I would hope so too, but all the cries have gone unheard and ignored so far on every other issue he’s been using to destroy this country with since he got ‘elected’.

    • I hear you, Capt Jill. Can you imagine the damage he is planning in his last 6-months? He recently told his staff that if the Senate gets taken over by Republicans in November, that he doesn’t want to be President anymore. Can you imagine the President of the United States saying that? 😳

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