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Whenever I hear someone say that a political candidate is too old to run for office, I wonder if that person knows anything about life at all. For someone to theorize that one’s age is a reflection of their leadership abilities is to believe that the human mind has an expiration date stamped across its forehead.

It is one based purely on bias, ignorance and discrimination.

Is a person’s age a reflection of their current level of intelligence? Is a person’s age an indication of how well a person can lead, solve problems, negotiate solutions, show fairness, protect and give valuable insight?

I personally know some senior citizens whose minds seem to work at the speed of sound. They seem to know exactly what you are going to say before you say it, and have an answer and a solution ready for you before you finish asking the question.

When some people vote for a candidate they vote for what they want at the moment, not what that candidate envisions and can offer them somewhere down the road. They fail to consider that candidate’s experience and past leadership qualities as if age is the only qualifying attribute they possess.

When I was a kid, I had a grandfather who always knew how much money I took out of his wallet. He would open his wallet and say to me, “Go ahead, take a dollar out.” He would turn his head away and let me reach in and grab a George Washington bill.

But I was smarter. I would look for the twenties and grab one of them and quickly stuff it into my pocket so he couldn’t see what I took. He would then say to me, “So what did you take?”

“A dollar, Grandpa.”

He would laugh and then tell me to scurry along.

I never knew until years later how Grandpa always knew that it was a twenty I had taken out and not a dollar when my father said to me, “You weren’t fooling him, he only put twenty-dollar bills in his wallet. The dollar bills he always gave to Grandma.”

When you think you have one up on an old person, think again. They might surprise you.


Joseph E. Rathjen is a freelance writer and an Opinion Writer at 1World Online – America’s Fastest Social Growing Research Engine.






2 thoughts on “Why Age Should Never Be A Reflection Of A Candidate’s Leadership Qualities.

  1. This just made me laugh Joe — never could fool the grandparents!

    Wonderful article — and a perfect reminder to those whose bias favors youth or mid-life youth to the wisdom of the ages. 😉

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