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I love blogging – I mean I really do love to blog. I could sit at my computer all day and write blog post after blog post and still never get sick and tired of blogging. The problem I have with blogging though, is that there is this one obstacle that always seems to get in the way of me becoming a world-renowned and first-class, champion blogger.

It is a thing called life.

That’s right, I actually have a life (somewhere) outside of the blogosphere. It is that other part of my world where important things happen on a daily basis. It is always there, and it is always finding new, destructive ways of crushing my fantastical dream of becoming a blogging superstar.

You know, that world where every blogger’s delusion of an unexpected, 10,000 hits on a 500-word blog post suddenly comes without warning.

The thunderbolt!

Sudden, and unimaginable fame amongst the crowned-elite of blogosphere heaven –Β 1,000-plus Likes and hundreds of reblogs. That utopian place that separates all 98-percent of us from the other 2-percent of the worldwide, blogging community.

The 2-percent. Yes, it does exist in blogging also, didn’t you know that?

“To become part of the 2-percent of champion bloggers you have to think differently. You have to have a superior understanding of blogging, SEO and the target audience at hand and know how to communicate it in a unique and simplistic way to your readers.”

I do not know what that really means, but when I thought of it, I said to myself, “It sounds good,” so I wrote it down.

I have read posts like that for what seems like a thousand times. Post after post by champion bloggers that have taught me how to craft irresistible headlines, flawless content, and how to obtain an infinite number of views.

The problem with succeeding in writing a post like that, however, is that it usually becomes circumvented by one or more screaming kids, a knock at the door, the dog barking or your boss calling you into the office to work overtime.

Unfortunately, the other 98-percent of us have other things to do. Feed the kids, take them to school, check homework, go to work, pay bills, make dinner, etcetera, etcetera.

How many of us have the valuable time to sit down and write a perfect blog post from beginning to end without having the fifty-drafts or the perfect word flow interrupted?

“Just do it!” They say to us, as if we can all magically snap our fingers and freeze time around us.

Now, that is not to say that we cannot find or make the time. It all depends on what we can afford to sacrifice in our quest for fame and glory. Perhaps that Saturday night out with our friends, one day in the park with the kids, or exploring an intimate relationship with a new or existing lover?

The chances that I or many of us will reach blogging superstar status is minimal at best, but that does not mean that we should give up.

Becoming a famous blogger is a long journey that we have to take to reach that flowing garden of the other 2-percent of champion bloggers.Β It is like a tunnel with a long-winding road. They tell us it has an end, but sometimes it takes much longer than we had expected for us to see the light.

Somehow, all those words of advice and tips may suddenly come together in one, glorious moment, like a jumbo jet plane finding a remote, deserted runway right before it runs out of gas.

It is not planned, laid out or crafted – it just happens.

Could that be because it has all been soaking in, rearranging itself for months and months on end then finally coming together?

Sounds about right, no?

Hopefully, it is not just a proven theory that only works for that other 2-percent of bloggers. Maybe one day it will work for all of us also.

I may never become part of the 2-percent of champion bloggers, but at least I can tell myself that I gave it my best shot, and possibly, made the day of a few people happy along the way.

After all, isn’t that what life is all about, sharing one of those precious moments with someone who needs it the most?

Blog on my friends, and keep your chin up. You can become one of the 2-percent of champion bloggers if you are patient and try hard enough.

“Just do it!”


Joseph E. Rathjen is a freelance writer, book author and an Opinion Writer at 1World Online – America’s Fastest Growing Social Research Engine.

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8 thoughts on “Why I May Never Be Part Of The 2-Percent Of Champion Bloggers!

  1. Well said, Joseph – we have the enthusiasm and dedication – time in the main enemy – not enough of it due to other responsibilities of life…and then, if one reaches the top 2 percent one can only go downwards as people look for new pastures of words and it’s always better to be moving upwards πŸ™‚

  2. Well – you’re among the 2% in my books —I always find something fascinating, humorous, interesting, intelligent or thought-provoking (of some or all of the above-mentioned) here. So cheers! And yeah, Just do it!

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