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When given a choice, I would prefer fine dining over casual fare anytime. After all, why would I want to sit in a cheap, bodega-like environment when I could sit my butt down on a plushy-padded chair, and be treated like royalty?

Fast food joints may be good for a quick, sodium-spiked-meal, but if I am going to clog my arteries and die, I would much rather go out surrounded by style and grace.

Go ahead, call me snobby, but the way I look at it, every restaurant is just one, ticked-off, health-inspectors fine away from having their doors shut. If I have to race for the exits, at least I’ll be spared getting gnawed at by the lower-class, type kitchen rats.

Sure, going to a casual eatery is a lot cheaper, and you can bring your dog, and let your kids run around like mutating zombies, but would those conditions make for an enjoyable, dining experience? Why spend your money, and have to tolerate a zoo-like, atmosphere? A “Happy Meal” isn’t very pleasant when the people sitting next to you are having a verbal altercation, and throwing French fries at each other.

That is not going out to eat – that is intentionally looking to share your misery with others.

I like to escape the frustrations and anxieties of a hectic work week. Wearing a sports jacket, a tie, and then being escorted to my table by a well-dressed, maitre d’, is more classy than having a waitress throw a dirty menu at me and saying, “Whaddya have?”

There is simply, no comparison.

Sometimes in life, we have to be good to ourselves. We work hard for our money and should spoil ourselves accordingly. Having dinner at a five-star, restaurant, on a special occasion, where fine-cuisine, and opulence abounds is a satisfying respite from the daily tribulations of a world gone horribly wrong.

It makes me feel dignified, cultured, civilized, and for that one, fleeting moment, worthy of society’s, sumptuous rewards.


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Joseph E. Rathjen is a freelance writer and an Opinion Writer at 1World Online – America’s Fastest Growing Research Engine.

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10 thoughts on “Why Fine Dining Beats Casual Fare Anyday!

  1. I saw it on tv once, an American show, can’t recall the name, where the underpaid overworked gum-chewing waitress, says to the customer: so what’ll be mister..? I wonder if that scene’s for real. Just curious 😉

    • Well, raroto, if you live or work in NYC like I do, that’s about right. “Yeah, whatta need?” or “What’cha want?” isn’t uncommon in the casual food joints. Sometimes they just walk over and stare at you and wait for instructions. Sometimes they don’t open their mouths at all. They just give you that perplexed stare.!

  2. Thoughtful post Joe — and I have to say — there is such a difference between eating out of necessity and feeding the body, mind and soul; I think that from time to time, when the opportunity presents itself and is affordable, it’s worth it to “indulge” —- otherwise, I’d rather just sit and home, with a well prepared meal, and enjoy my own company – without distractions.

    • I’m with you on all that, Patricia. We have a restaurant by us called, “The Boathouse.” It looks over the lake and is designed like a five-star, Madison Avenue restaurant. It’s pricey, but we always go there for special occasions. It’s fun to look out the windows that surround it and see all the expensive boats. They treat you like royalty there and send you home with a great feeling. Usually, though, I’m very content barbecuing in the backyard.

      • Special moments deserve special places – and I’m glad that you have one near. Well part of the pleasure is also being treated to well prepared food in new or different combinations that one many not have the time of skills for, so added bonus.
        And since the better weather is more or less now upon us – Happy Grilling~! 🙂

  3. I like cooking and good, fresh food. Going to a restaurant I expect food better and more creatively cooked than what I am able to do myself.

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