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Roman Centurion
Witness To A Crucifixion

A painful, resounding voice echoed throughout the midday air.

Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do.”

The Roman Centurion, emotionally drained and weary from watching the Jew carry his cross, became startled, then tilted his head upwards and gazed at the bloodied and tortured man hanging from the cross. Never before had he witnessed such courage and fortitude. Never before had he heard such words come from the voice of a condemned, dying man. He had seen many men crucified before, but this man had astonished him.

He turned to the other soldiers who were laughing and playing poker a few feet from the cross, then screamed, “Quiet, you fools!”

His voice growled above the windswept, sand storm that began to swirl on Mount Calvary. As darkness swallowed up the sun a chill began to run through his bones and the…

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