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Fear not, NYC school teachers, because when the kiddies are away the teachers can play – in school – and it is okay if it is x-rated.

That’s how a group of appellate judges ruled recently on behalf of two, female teachers in NYC who were caught having sex with each other in an empty classroom during a high school’s music event, and were then fired.

Have these judges lost their minds? Has sexual-liberalism in NYC gone so far that we are going to allow teachers to do the nasty on top of the same desks our kids study on all day?

The appellate judges’ ruling gives new and comical meaning to the phrase “romper room.”

The judges ruled that the teachers being fired for the indiscretion was excessive, because they were two, consenting adults.

What the judges failed to recognize, however, was that the two, frisky canoodlers were caught having sex in their place of employment, and in a place where schoolchildren were present.

I don’t know about other people’s jobs, but at my office having sex in the workplace is immediate grounds for termination.

Exactly what insane, legal precedent is being set here?

Is the law now saying that it is legal to have sex in the workplace as long as no one is watching and is being performed by two, consenting adults?

How far into the workplace will this ruling travel? Will Taco Bell workers now think it is okay to have a sex-break in the back, storage room where the food is stored?

Please, do not make my taco or burrito afterwards…thank you.

The judge’s decision is so mind-boggling it seems almost surreal. To think that a panel of judges would set such a dangerous precedent for the workplace goes beyond “blind justice.”

Expectations of reasonable privacy for sexual release should not extend into the classroom, or in any other workplace setting. It just sends a bad message and shows a total disregard for proper, moral behavior.

I wonder what the judges’ ruling would have been if two of the students from the music event would have been caught doing the same thing.

Oh wait, don’t tell me…extra credits for advanced, sexual education?

Sexual liberation is alive and well in NYC and is spreading at an alarming rate.

How orgasmic is that?


Joseph E. Rathjen is a freelance writer, book author and an Opinion Writer at 1World Online – America’s Fastest Growing Social Research Engine

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4 thoughts on “Teacher Sex In Classrooms Allowed In NYC!

  1. I’m sorry, but I can’t help but sit here laughing – rather heartily – especially at some of the “puns” you put forth 😉

    Completely comical this story – although the questionable side of the logical reasoning behind the ruling is indeed dark. Advanced extra-curricular credits available on request – or is that – perhaps better phrased – on demand?

    Great and thoughtfully provoking piece, as usual Joe 🙂

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