For The Daily Prompt: Never Surrender

Convictions – they are the emotional map of the conscience, and the stepping-stones to the soul. They are the culmination of beliefs and foundations, nurtured from birth and matured upon periodic reflection. For many people, convictions are something they will never abandon, for others, they are negotiable for the sole purpose of appeasing others.

Which person are you?

Before one answers that question, they should take a deep look into their soul and decide where their convictional balance lies. Is it negotiable? Is it for sale? Is it open to the free, flowing market of social, sexual, or religious change?

As essential as one’s convictions are, they are very often put to the test. Sometimes this is for viable reasons, sometimes it is to satisfy society’s, selfish wishes. When we are presented with that situation, how we react will answer the question of who we really are deep down inside.

That reaction, may not be the same as the one we have always perceived it to be.

When I think about my own convictions, I often wonder if they are indispensable. When society mounts undue pressure upon them will I cave into submission, or will I hold steadfast?

I already know I will remain strong.

I know this because I have come to the conclusion that my convictions, no matter how archaic others think they are, is what makes up my internal and emotional makeup. They have taken years to develop and have been gleamed through a lifetime of my own personal experiences and analysis.

My convictions are not something to be negotiated with for the sake of alleviating all of society’s burdens.

My convictions are not to be used as pawns in the game of life where the opposing battle pieces have come across the board to conquer and divide. If I was to let them do so, then how could my spirituality and conscience survive?

In society today, one’s personal convictions are prey for the soldiers of progressive change. Sometimes it is warranted, and sometimes it is not. It is a mainstream, onslaught of a world that does not know what to do with itself anymore. It is a world that is bored, misled, and thus has become irrational in its thinking and destructive with its intentions.

My convictions will not fall victim to the world’s idiosyncrasies; I will not let them.

The world may think it knows something that I do not, and something that I never thought of or suspected, but that is the world’s problem. I already know how to love, how to feel, how to reason, sympathize, and when to judge. I do not need the world to tell me that I have been doing these things wrong.

When people allow themselves to be forced to surrender a conviction, they give up what separates them from the minds of others – which is the power to decide, rationalize and define themselves. It is a power that should not be given away lightly. It is a privilege given to one as a result of their own, deductive reasoning.

Hold fast to your convictions, for if you do not, there will be nothing left for you to grow on spiritually.

Do not allow yourself, and your convictions to be sold to society’s highest bidder.

Joseph E. Rathjen is a book author and an Opinion Writer for 1World Online -America’s Fastest Growing Social Research Engine


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3 thoughts on “Why You Should Never Surrender Your Convictions

  1. Brilliant and strongly worded response – the strength of your convictions shines through beautifully – enough said – oh, and thank you for some positive reinforcement. 🙂

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  3. Pingback: Blog Tour Monday (What Am I Working On) starring TooFullToWrite (David Ellis) | toofulltowrite (I've started so I'll finish)

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